The Sacred Art of Ancient Calligraphy – Healing Secrets Using the Art of Ancient Calligraphy Writing that Astounded Many Healers

“All cultures have produced authentic healers from time to time. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is such a healer – a man of deep wisdom and compassion, and a gift to the human race.” ~Dr. Larry Dossey




Healing Secrets Using the Art of Ancient Calligraphy Writing that Astounded Many Healers


Miracles can happen every day. Each day many healers around the world are being astounded by the healing secrets using the ancient art of calligraphy to offer healing to others. These are healers from all sorts of different healing modalities are creating Soul Healing Miracles using this calligraphy writing.


This ancient calligraphy writing is the one-stroke calligraphy method infused with Source frequency by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Sha transmits to his student’s source healing power and gives the ability to offer Soul Healing using the ancient calligraphy writing.


Each stroke this calligraphy healer makes is infused with high frequency and vibration that can heal and transform all life. These calligraphy healers are known as Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Soul Healers. The calligraphy healer makes a connection with the Source and offers healing by creating calligraphy letters in the style of Yi Bi Zi, single stroke calligraphy, to bring light and love to the area one needs healing. It is a profound new way to bring healing to humanity.


Watch the incredible healing stories above from a doctor in California who uses Tao Soul Light Calligraphy to create Soul Healing Miracles for her clients.


You have the power to create your own Soul Healing Miracle today. Experience the power of Tao Soul Light Calligraphy by attending one of Master Sha´s upcoming Tao Retreats in Hawaii. The possibilities of life transformation are waiting.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco



Soul Wellness: Day 83 How to Self-Clear Karma

Today Master Elisabeth Koch, a Divine Channel and Servant from Frankfurt, Germany and I had a beautiful day leading a Soul Healing Day at the Love Peace Harmony Institute in Frankfurt. It was our first day and many Soul Healing Miracles occurred.

One man had a dark spot in his vision and had significant improvement at the end of the group healing. I think we spend about 20-30 minutes chanting for him. Thank you, Divine. One lady had significant improvement in her back and neck pain. She looked alive and happy at the end of the healing.

Everyone during the Soul Healing Day received a sickness karma cleansing for their condition or sickness. People left this evening feeling happier and healthier. We left feeling happier and healthier.

The key to being happier and healthier is to clear your karma. Karma blocks you from experiencing good health and happiness. Karma can block all aspects of your life including your health, relationships and finances.

What is karma?

Master Sha’s one-sentence secret is that “Karma is the root cause of success and failure in every aspect of your life.” Words that mean the same thing are virtue and deeds. Karma is the record of your all your services from this life and all your lifetimes. You can divide karma into two types, good karma and bad karma.

Good karma is the record of your services like love, care, compassion, and kindness. It’s a record of all the wonderful and beautiful things that you have done for others to make them happier and healthier. If you have good health, loving relationships, and financial abundance it’s because you have accumulated good karma in this life and past lives.

Bad karma is the record of your services like hate, jealousy, harming and killing. It’s a record of all the harmful things that you have done to others. If you have poor health, broken relationships, and poor finances it’s because you have accumulated bad karma in this life and past lives.

How can you tell if you are accumulating good karma or bad karma?

If what you think, what you say, what you do, what you hear is helping others to be happier and healthier you are accumulated good karma.

If what you think, what you say, what you do, what you hear is harming or hurting others you are accumulated bad karma.

How does karma affect your physical body? Karmic blockages in the physical body often appear as darkness in a part of the physical body. You can only see the darkness if your Third Eye is open. Karmic blockages also feel very dense and heavy energetically. If you have a heavy feeling in the body like you are carrying a heavy weight, it could be a karmic blockage.

If you have a serious illness or chronic pain you most likely have a karmic blockage. The best is to get a spiritual reading from one of Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives or Certified Divine Direct Soul Communicators who has access to the Akashic Records.

What is the Akashic Records? Everyone has a book in heaven that records all your activities, including your thinking. You also have a virtue bank. It would be the equivalent of a bank account, but in Heaven. Every time you do a good act heaven blesses you with a virtue flower (like a positive virtue) that goes into your virtue bank. The more virtue flowers that you accumulate the more blessings that you can manifest in your physical life.

Every bad service you offer also gets recorded in your Akashic Record and you receive dark flowers in your virtue bank. This is bad karma. The more bad karma you accumulate it will appear in your virtue bank as dark flowers. Your Akashic Record book will appear dark, with pages of black ink. Good karma appears in your Akashic Record book as golden. You want your book to be as golden as possible.

How can you clear your karma?

There are two ways. You can self-clear your karma, or clear your karma the Divine way. What is the Divine way to clear your karma? Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives are Divine Channels. This means the Divine offers the karma cleansing through them. The Divine offers the forgiveness, the virtue that is necessary to forgive all the souls that you have hurt in this life and past lives. Souls that have been hurt want virtue to be paid as their debt. Why? Virtue will accelerate their soul journey. It will uplift their soul in heaven.

Once the virtue has been paid the souls will forgive you and your karma debt will be cleared. A serious of events will be removed that could have potentially harmed your life in very serious ways. The souls that you hurt in this life and past lives do not want you to be happy and healthy. In fact they want to make you suffer and in some cases very challenging ways. We must sincerely ask for forgiveness in order to clear our karma.

How does it feel to receive a karma cleansing? Many people will often feel like they have had a big weight removed. They will feel lighter. Imagine a dark cloudy day. Having karmic blockages is like have these dark dense clouds but inside the body. It does not feel pleasant.

Now, imagine the clouds dissipating and the Sun begins to shine. People feel happier and healthier when the Sun shines. This is how it feels like when you receive a karma cleansing. It feels freer, like you are able to breathe more deeply and enjoy your life. This is the best description that I have that comes to feeling of cleansing your karma.

You also have the power to self-clear your karma. The difference is that the self way normally takes years of highly disciplined practice. Traditionally the monks spend their entire lifetime in monasteries chanting. They are chanting and doing spiritual practices to self-clear their karma.

We all have the power to self-clear our karma, but when you are facing life threatening illnesses or experiencing blockages in your life you may want to consider the Divine way.

Here is a practice that you can do to self-clear your karma.

Practice to Self-clear Your Karma

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart chakra in the middle of the chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine Soul Song Love Peace and Harmony, I love you. Dear all the people, animals, and nature that my ancestors and I have harmed in this life and past lives. I sincerely ask for your forgiveness. Please forgive my ancestors and me. Dear anyone who has harmed me in this life and in my previous lives. I offer you my unconditional forgiveness. Dear Love Peace and Harmony, Please bless me. I am grateful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize rainbow light radiating throughout your whole body. Visualize all the souls that you called radiating rainbow light throughout their whole bodies.

Sound Power. Chant the Divine Soul Song of Love Peace and Harmony for a few minutes:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love peace and harmony
Love peace and harmony

Chant for 15-30 minutes, the longer the better. In order to self-clear your karma you must practice daily. Some souls will forgive you easily; others will want to see your commitment to offer service to humanity. Practice! Chant! Even if you are karma free it is good to do this practice to remain karma free.

Today practice the exercise to self-clear your karma. Make a list of the blockages in your life where you have challenges like your health, relationships and finances. If you have big blockages I highly recommend a spiritual reading to see how karma is blocking your life. You are all extremely blessed.

Love you. Love you. Love you.

Master Francisco Quintero

Soul Wellness: Day 67 A Powerful Forgiveness Meditation to Heal Your Life

Today it is time to say I’m sorry to all the souls that we have hurt in this life and all our past lives. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life. It is one of the golden keys for healing and transformation.

In order to be happier and healthier you need to apply the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness will bring you inner peace and joy. Unconditional forgiveness will self-cleanse your karma. Open your heart now and prepare to offer unconditional forgiveness.

The key to self-cleaning karma is to offer unconditional forgiveness. It must be done with great sincerity. It must be done with an open heart. You can not have attachments or expectations.

If a person has hurt you in a very cruel way you must still be willing to forgive that person for the harm they have caused you. Remember that you are offering forgiveness to the soul of the person. The mind of the person may have done something very wrong and cruel. Heaven will offer them a lesson as appropriate.

I often see with my Third Eye that people’s soul are often full of love and light, and the soul of their minds are dark and gray. Offer forgiveness to all the souls that have hurt you, and ask for forgiveness to all the souls you have hurt.

Your life will transform with the power of forgiveness. It will truly make a big difference in your life if you practice daily.

Let us now go on a journey of forgiveness. Fully open your heart to forgive and your life will be happier and healthier.

Prepare. Let us start.

Forgiveness Meditation

Place both palms in your lower abdomen.

Close your eyes. Completely relax. Take a few deep breaths into your lower abdomen.

Relax your head, relax your eyes, your teeth, your jaw, and your neck. Relax your shoulders, and your spinal column. Relax your arms and hands. Relax you hips, your legs, your knees, and your feet. Completely relax.

Visualize beautiful golden light radiating in your Message Center. Golden light shines! Golden light shines! Golden light shines! Your heart is open. Fully open your heart. Open! Open! Open!


I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion.
I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion.
I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion.
I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion.
I’m a divine being with love, care and compassion.

Visualize the light radiating in your Message Center. It’s so bright and filled with love. You are now ready to offer forgiveness.

We will first start with our mother and father because they are two of the most important relationships that we have. Visualize your mother and father standing in front of you.

Say hello to the soul of your mother and father:

“Dear soul, mind and body of my mother and father, I love you. I’m so honored and appreciative. Please forgive me for any harm that I may have caused you in this life and pastlives. I forgive you for any harm that you have caused me in this life and pastlives. I sincerely apologize for any harm that I have caused you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Visualize golden light radiating in the Message Center of your mother and father. Send love to your parents.

Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

Show your gratitude to your mother and father. I love you. Thank you.

You are now ready to call all souls that you have hurt or harmed:

“Dear soul, mind and body of all the souls that I have hurt or harmed, I love you all. Please forgive me for any harm that I have caused you. I sincerely apologize. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

Let us now continue to chant to offer the forgiveness.

Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness
Divine forgiveness

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

Go into a deep meditation. Continue to chant silently or aloud:

Divine forgiveness. Divine forgiveness. Divine forgiveness. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Show your gratitude at the end of the meditation by saying “Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song.” You can gently bow your head down nine times to show your appreciation.

Breathe into your lower abdomen now. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Take three deep breathes into your lower abdomen.

Open your eyes and feel the love and peace radiating from your Message Center.

Today practice the forgiveness meditation. If there is a person in your life that you have hurt, or has hurt you in a painful way you can spend some time to do forgiveness with their soul. In your journal write down your experience doing the meditation.

Je suis désolé
Lo siento
Mujhe maaf kardo
I’m sorry

With the greatest love and forgiveness,

Master Francisco

Soul Wellness: Day 17 Do You Trust the Divine?

Do you trust the Divine? Often, trust is a big blockage for many people in their physical and spiritual journey. If you do not trust the Divine it creates a separation between the Divine and you. This separation can be experienced as a blockage in any aspect of your life including your health, relationships or finances. Close your eyes for a minute and ask yourself “Dear my soul, heart, mind and body, I love you. Do you trust the Divine completely? Thank you.” You can also ask “Dear my soul, heart, mind and body, I love you. Are you fully aligned with the Divine?” Listen to your soul speak to you with your heart.

For many of us we are disconnected from the Divine on some level. We still do not fully trust the Divine 100%. In many cases our soul is fully aligned with the Divine, but our mind is not. Our ego, attachments, mind sets, attitudes and beliefs can cause us to become distant from the Divine. In order to grow in your spiritual journey you must align yourself more fully with the Divine. You must trust the Divine with your soul, heart, mind and body. Our spiritual journey allows us to have opportunities to learn about trusting the Divine on all these levels.

What happens when we don’t have trust in the Divine? We miss out on the opportunity to be blessed by the Divine. It is like being blind by the blessings that are being offered to us by heaven. In order to receive all the blessings from the Divine and heaven we must align ourselves more fully with the Divine with trust. The minute that we begin to trust the Divine new doors will begin to open up for you. New opportunities will fill your life to be happier and healthier. If you trust the Divine you may even have the opportunity for a new loving relationship or financial blessing. The possibilities are limitless when you trust the Divine.

If you feel that you lack trust in the Divine there is also the possibility that you may have spiritual blockages. You can have karma related to trust issues. I have seen some people have bad karma related to lifetimes where they went against the Divine. To go against the Divine is like turning to the dark side. This creates very heavy karma because thousands of souls can be harmed by turning to the dark side.

It is also possible that you may have a negative memory from a lifetime where you had complete trust in the Divine but you ended up getting hurt or harmed. This can leave a negative memory on your soul that you can carry lifetime to lifetime blocking your trust in the Divine. Some people can have curses that block their soul, heart, mind and body from fully trusting the Divine. You can possibly also have made a vow in a past life to serve the dark side or go against the Divine that is affecting your trust in the Divine. If you have trust issues in your life I highly recommend you receive a spiritual reading to learn about your karmic blockages.

How do you tell if you lack trust in the Divine? One simple way to tell is to check yourself to see if you often have doubt and confusion in your life. Do you often find yourself doubting that you are making the right decision in your life? Does your life feel blocked because you are afraid to move forward? If you answered yes to one of these questions most likely you have a blockage related to trusting the Divine.

Let us now do a spiritual practice to help remove the blockages related to trusting the Divine. It will also help us to align our soul, heart, mind and body with the Divine.

Practice for Transforming Trust Blockages with the Divine

Body Power. Place your left palm over your heart. Place your right palm over your lower abdomen.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. I honor and appreciate you. Please forgive me for any mistakes that I have made in this life and pastlives that caused me to lose trust in you. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize your heart radiating golden light. Visualize the Divine’s heart is melding with your heart. Your heart is pure and radiating light.

Sound Power. Chant silently or aloud:

God Gives His Heart to Me
God Gives His Love to Me
My Heart Melds with His Heart
My Love Melds with His Love

Practice this exercise for 10-40 minutes per day in order to purify your heart and self-clear your karma to remove your trust blockages. The more pure your heart is the more that you will trust the Divine. Your soul, heart, mind and body will become aligned with the Divine when your heart becomes more pure. Your trust in the Divine will be transformed.

Often many people will have trust in the Divine in one or more aspects of their life, but lack trust in others. If you have a blockage in any aspect of your life you may be lacking trust in the Divine. If you struggle in an aspect of your life you can ask the Divine for guidance through soul communication to assist you to have more trust.

You can ask the Divine for example “Dear soul, mind and body of the Divine, I love you. I honor and appreciate you. How can I have more trust in you? What is necessary for me to heal and transform so that I can have more trust in you? How can I trust that heaven will financially support me at all times? How can I trust that my family will be safe during the Mother Earth transition? What is necessary at this time in my spiritual journey to transform in order to develop my trust in you?” Listen with your heart and you may receive a powerful message that can transform your life.

Your life will be completely transformed when you have trust in the Divine. You will walk your physical and spiritual journey with confidence in all aspects of your life knowing that the Divine, all your spiritual fathers and mothers, and healing angels will always be there to bless your life.

Having trust in the Divine is like embodying the divine within you more fully. Your actions, thoughts, speech will all become divine presence that there will be blessings in every aspect of your life. Every aspect of your life will be blessed because the Divine will always guide you to offer unconditional service to others. Your soul will begin to develop more quickly because it will be offering greater service to others when it has trust in the Divine. This is very important in the spiritual journey.

Today practice the exercise for developing trust in the Divine and write down your experience in your journal. You can also do soul communication with the Divine and write down your messages to help you in your journey. Love you everyone.

Soul Wellness: Day 13 Can it be Karma?

I just finished a powerful weekend at the Terapias Alternativas Congreso (Alternative Therapy Congress) in Barcelona and the two most common questions where “Is it really my karma?” and “Can it be my karma?” My answer was always, “YES.” Karma is the root blockage of all sickness, and all aspects of life.

During the congreso we were offering to the public a Soul Operation to remove sickness karma for one sickness or condition. We did this as a free service to the community of Barcelona. The response was phenomenal. People left feeling happier and healthier. Many people signed up for the upcoming retreat with Master Sha in Barcelona on May 12-15, 2011. It is going to be an amazing retreat, and you will absolutely love the city of Barcelona. The art, flowers, architecture and people of Barcelona are so beautiful…and the Manchego Cheese is so yummy. I can’t wait! If you decide to come to the retreat remember to give yourself a few days extra to spend in the city.

At the congreso we had a beautiful both set up showing the Soul Master’s film, talking about Sha’s Golden Healing Ball and the Love Peace Harmony CD, and offering free soul operations. Two new Universal Servants from Spain (a mother and daughter) helped me work at the both. They did an amazing job. I can’t thank them enough. Thank you!

It was amazing to see how many people stopped by to watch the heart-touching Soul Masters documentary. It felt like the film was talking to their souls. I highly recommend everyone to show this film to their friends and families or in your local community. We have had great success with this film in opening the hearts of the Catalonians in Barcelona to Master Sha’s teachings.

One man came to me during the congreso to receive a soul operation. He said he was experiencing sharp pain that felt like he was cut in two at the level of the diaphragm. He also had pain that felt like an arrow that entered from the chest and out his back. If he gently touched the points he would experience great pain. After talking with him he explained to me he knew in his sickness was beyond an energy blockage. He was an energy healer himself and knew very well something was not right.

I did a karma reading and he had personal karma, negative memories and curses related to his pain. I saw with my Third Eye that he had a past life where he was cut in half…ouch. This explained why he has feelings in this life that he is disconnected from his upper body and lower body. The sharp pain he felt was a curse that looked like an arrow that pierced right through him. I don’t intent to be graphic, but karma can manifest itself very painfully in the physical body. At the end of the session he experienced a deeper connection within himself; the pain had significantly resided and was very happy. His face looked brighter and more joyful. After the soul operation he said to me “Do you think it really is my karma?” You probably already know what I answered, “Yes.”

The next day I saw him again and he looked completely new. He was so happy and came to me to show his appreciation. He also talked about how he understood on an intuitive level that it was beyond energy and he knew in his heart he received something special. Thank you, Divine.

Stories like this occurred throughout the entire weekend. People discovered that their sickness, their pain was connected with their karma. Almost everyone on some level understood what I was saying because for some people their condition was considered hopeless. Master Sha, his Worldwide Representatives, and all his students are bringing to humanity hope for the hopeless. It is such a great honor to be a disciple and student of Master Sha when you experience the relief of suffering during moments like this.

I have traveled around the world with Master Sha and have seen him create miracle after miracle bringing hope to the hopeless. This is why I have dedicated my life to spread his teachings. For some the teaching of karma may be knew, but if you give people a direct experience using the Soul Power techniques from the books you will open their hearts to new possibilities.

Today select one sickness or part of the body that you have pain. We are going to do a forgiveness practice to help self-clear the karma for your request.

Self-clearing Karma Practice for One Sickness

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (heart chakra) in the middle of your chest. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of all the souls that I have hurt or harmed in this life and pastlives related to my sickness (or pain or condition), I love you all. Please come in front of me to do this forgiveness practice with me. Please forgive me for any harm that I may have caused you. I deeply apologize. Thank you.”

Sound Power. Chant: God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light…

Mind Power. Visualize golden light throughout your whole body. Visualize that the Divine is offering all the souls forgiveness. All the souls you have hurt or harmed are radiating golden light.

Practice this simple exercise 10-30 minutes everyday to self-clear the karma for one sickness or condition. You may discover that one day your pain is gone. Most people have to do this practice for a few days, a few months, or even a few years until all the karma has been cleared. Some souls may forgive you right away. Some that you have hurt very painfully may not forgive you right away. If you continue to practice one day they will see your sincerity and forgive you.

If you have pain, sickness or blockage in any aspect of your life I recommend you get a karma reading to see how it is affecting your life. You can learn a lot from your mistakes in pastlives that may allow your soul to grow further in this life. Let me know if you would like a karma reading. I’m here to help!

In your journal today write down your experiences after doing a forgiveness practice. You can also ask your soul “What is the message behind my sickness, pain or blockage?” You may discover something new about yourself. Take care.

Soul Wellness: Day 05 How to Live from Your Heart?om the Heart

It is important that we live our lives from the heart. When we live from our hearts we have more power and abilities to help others relieve their suffering. We offer greater service to others. Our frequency and vibration is higher when we live from our hearts which allows us to more easily transform our lives and to transform the lives of others.

If we are in our heart, we respond to challenges with love. Love melts all blockages. We are empowered to transform our blockages because we are responding to the challenges with love. We can see, listen and think more clearly when we are in our heart. If you are in your mind you may respond to a challenge negatively which can potentially create new karma. We want to avoid that because it may create a lesson in your life in the form of health challenges, broken relationships or financial challenges.

I always tell students to check themselves with a few simple questions. How would the Divine respond to this challenge? What would the Divine say? How would you respond if you loved the person unconditionally? Before reacting to a challenge stop to ask one of these questions and see what kind of answer you get and then take action from your heart.

If you are challenged by someone today remember to first go into your heart and then respond with love. Write down in your journal your experiences in doing this exercise.

Soul Wellness: Day 01 Cleaning out the Closet

My favorite part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the old. Every time I clean my closet and room I feel 50 pounds lighter. It almost feels like a karma cleansing. It is a wonderful experience to be able to release old things from your life.

Today I started cleaning my closet. How do I know which piece of clothing has to go? I ask my soul “Dear my soul do you still need this piece of clothing?” I listen with my heart for a yes or no. If I hear yes, I keep the piece of clothing. If I hear no, it goes in my donation box. Our soul has likes and dislikes just like a human being. Your soul may like a piece of clothing one year, but has transformed so much over the year that it no longer has a need for that clothing piece.

Go through your closet today and ask your soul to guide you to determine which pieces of clothing are still needed in your life and which you can donate to charity. You will also feel good that you are offering service to your local community. Donating is a great way to offer service.

You can also put your favorite music on and do some Soul Dancing as you clean! Have fun. Write down your experiences about letting go of your clothes and things you do not need anymore. You may find that some of your attachments will come up and allow yourself to truly LET GO of the old.

How can this help your soul? The material objects we are holding on to are not allowing our soul to expand and shine. It is creating like a box around us that is stuffy and difficult to breathe. Our soul transforms, it grows and in order to allow it to shine as bright as possible we need to let go of old mind sets, attitudes and beliefs. Often these mind sets manifest as MATERIAL THINGS that we hold on to. It is important to let go of these things in order to allow our soul to grow and be uplifted.

Go now and begin your work!

Day 11 Amazing Miracles

Today was filled with amazing miracles. We had a Soul Group Healing Intensive in Mumbai. One of the miracles was of a 13 year old boy who could not move his left arm. The nerve from neck to end of his left hand was damaged at birth. He was born with his legs first. He did have mobility of his fingers, but his entire arm could not move. Before the boy received soul healing blessings from Master Sha he was able to lift his arm about 4 inches. Master Sha offered him sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, Divine Pearl, and also offered him his unique acupuncture to activate his arm nerve. Miraculously, the boy was able to left up his arm to shoulder level. Master Sha offered more blessings, the crowd chanted HA several minutes and at the end his lifted his arm above his head. This was truly a miracle that left the boy speechless. Thank you Divine.

The second big miracle happened privately late in the evening. A man who had multiple issues including cornea damage, diabetes, speech impairment, deafness, and heart problems. He came primarily for his right eye issue. He had his right eye completely closed. He is in the need of a cornea transplant because his cornea is inflamed for several months and has been damaged. The man could not see from his right eye. Before the blessing, Master Sha had received an upliftment in his healing power and the man instantly opened his eyes. The frequency and vibration during Master Sha’s upliftment in healing power helped the man to instantly open his eyes. The man had received healing just by being in the presence of Master Sha. This was quite remarkable and confirmation to me that to be in Master Sha’s presence is a great honor and blessing. Later Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and the Divine Pearl for his right eye. Immediately he could start to see light and shapes. He still could not see details, but had a great improvement in his vision. The man was so happy and filled with gratitude. Thank you Divine.

This was a very long day filled with amazing healing. From early in the morning to late at night Master Sha and his team worked hard to help serve the needs of everyone…in a few hours we will start again with Sunday Divine Blessings. This is the dedication of Master Sha to offer service.

Day 10 Karma

We had an amazing full day workshop today ‘You have the Power to Heal Yourself.’ The morning began with Patricia Smith teaching The Four Power Techniques, and Marilyn Smith teaching Soul Language. The people really enjoyed bringing out their Soul Language. It is so powerful to use Soul Language and to use it for self-healing and healing others. Master Sha taught on the Divine Sacred Soul Song of Yin Yang. The teachings were beautiful and the people enjoyed every minute.

In the afternoon we received teachings on karma. It was so amazing to see over 90% of the people applying for a karma reading. Many of the people in India have a deep understanding of karma and how it can affect your life. There was also over 90% of the people applying to become Divine Healing Hands Practitioners. By the end of the evening many have received personal karma cleansings, and Divine Healing Hands. I believe the Divine Mission will grow very rapidly in Mumbai. It was a great day today.

Day 7 Soul Healing Miracles

Day 7 is out of order…forgot to post, but here it is. We had an amazing day today. The first miracle occurred with the son of one of the soul hears. The son is paralyzed from the legs because of a spinal cord tumor. Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and a Divine Pearl and he was able to kick his leg. We chanted for him and Master Sha had a few of us hold his legs so that the man can press against our hands so he can begin to develop his muscles. His mother had tears of gratitude. I believe that this man will walk again shortly once his muscles gain their strength back. He has been paralyzed from the legs for over two years.

Later in the evening we went to speak to an audience that Dr. VIjaya had gathered for Master Sha to meet. There were about two hundred people who came that evening. We got to see the Indian Ocean on our way there. The sun set was very beautiful. The evening was filled with excitement. It was amazing to see that all the people instantly knew the Divine Sacred Soul Song of Yin Yang. Many more miracles occurred that evening and I was left with gratitude. The people of India have a deep respect for service and universal servants. The minute that Master Sha said he was a universal servant people clapped and cheered. Service is a big part of India that I found heart-touching. Thank you everyone.