Day 12 We Arrive to Goa

Wow! Wow! Wow! Goa is beautiful and amazing. The frequency reminds me of the Big Island, Hawaii. On our way to the hotel we say many cows and yak on the green fields and roads. It was the countryside of India that we got to experience. The sky was blue with many beautiful palm trees. We are staying in a historical hotel in Panaji. This city was a colony of Portugal early in the century. The food and some of the architecture has influences from Portugal. The Catholic Church is also more prominent here than the rest of India. Master Sha this evening had a radio interview and some of the team had the time to rest. I talk a way to the beach late this afternoon and they had a big festival going on. It was the Goa International Film Festival. It was very lively and filled with many sweets. We just finished a business meeting and we are now off to bed…good night.

Day 11 Amazing Miracles

Today was filled with amazing miracles. We had a Soul Group Healing Intensive in Mumbai. One of the miracles was of a 13 year old boy who could not move his left arm. The nerve from neck to end of his left hand was damaged at birth. He was born with his legs first. He did have mobility of his fingers, but his entire arm could not move. Before the boy received soul healing blessings from Master Sha he was able to lift his arm about 4 inches. Master Sha offered him sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, Divine Pearl, and also offered him his unique acupuncture to activate his arm nerve. Miraculously, the boy was able to left up his arm to shoulder level. Master Sha offered more blessings, the crowd chanted HA several minutes and at the end his lifted his arm above his head. This was truly a miracle that left the boy speechless. Thank you Divine.

The second big miracle happened privately late in the evening. A man who had multiple issues including cornea damage, diabetes, speech impairment, deafness, and heart problems. He came primarily for his right eye issue. He had his right eye completely closed. He is in the need of a cornea transplant because his cornea is inflamed for several months and has been damaged. The man could not see from his right eye. Before the blessing, Master Sha had received an upliftment in his healing power and the man instantly opened his eyes. The frequency and vibration during Master Sha’s upliftment in healing power helped the man to instantly open his eyes. The man had received healing just by being in the presence of Master Sha. This was quite remarkable and confirmation to me that to be in Master Sha’s presence is a great honor and blessing. Later Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and the Divine Pearl for his right eye. Immediately he could start to see light and shapes. He still could not see details, but had a great improvement in his vision. The man was so happy and filled with gratitude. Thank you Divine.

This was a very long day filled with amazing healing. From early in the morning to late at night Master Sha and his team worked hard to help serve the needs of everyone…in a few hours we will start again with Sunday Divine Blessings. This is the dedication of Master Sha to offer service.

Day 10 Karma

We had an amazing full day workshop today ‘You have the Power to Heal Yourself.’ The morning began with Patricia Smith teaching The Four Power Techniques, and Marilyn Smith teaching Soul Language. The people really enjoyed bringing out their Soul Language. It is so powerful to use Soul Language and to use it for self-healing and healing others. Master Sha taught on the Divine Sacred Soul Song of Yin Yang. The teachings were beautiful and the people enjoyed every minute.

In the afternoon we received teachings on karma. It was so amazing to see over 90% of the people applying for a karma reading. Many of the people in India have a deep understanding of karma and how it can affect your life. There was also over 90% of the people applying to become Divine Healing Hands Practitioners. By the end of the evening many have received personal karma cleansings, and Divine Healing Hands. I believe the Divine Mission will grow very rapidly in Mumbai. It was a great day today.

Day 7 Soul Healing Miracles

Day 7 is out of order…forgot to post, but here it is. We had an amazing day today. The first miracle occurred with the son of one of the soul hears. The son is paralyzed from the legs because of a spinal cord tumor. Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and a Divine Pearl and he was able to kick his leg. We chanted for him and Master Sha had a few of us hold his legs so that the man can press against our hands so he can begin to develop his muscles. His mother had tears of gratitude. I believe that this man will walk again shortly once his muscles gain their strength back. He has been paralyzed from the legs for over two years.

Later in the evening we went to speak to an audience that Dr. VIjaya had gathered for Master Sha to meet. There were about two hundred people who came that evening. We got to see the Indian Ocean on our way there. The sun set was very beautiful. The evening was filled with excitement. It was amazing to see that all the people instantly knew the Divine Sacred Soul Song of Yin Yang. Many more miracles occurred that evening and I was left with gratitude. The people of India have a deep respect for service and universal servants. The minute that Master Sha said he was a universal servant people clapped and cheered. Service is a big part of India that I found heart-touching. Thank you everyone.

Day 9 Intensive Soul Healing Day

I just got home from two intensive healing days. We started the day at 10:00am and finished at midnight. So many heart touching stories. Late in the evening Master Sha had great upliftments. Several of the people who had miracles included several Bollywood Stars. The most heart touching was of a 29 year old lady who is autistic. Her mother brought her to the workshop last night and she was making noises and wondering around the room throughout the whole evening. Today she received very high level blessings from Master Sha for her autism. Master Sha also removed other high level spiritual blockages. At the end she was speaking the works ‘Thank you’ and also ‘Bye’. We will keep her in our prayers to continue to chant Love Peace and Harmony. The excitement and energy is building up as we get closer to our largest event in Chennai at the end of our trip. I can’t wait!

Day 8 Indian Sun God

The miracles keep happening in Mumbai. We started the day by meeting with PI Peter and Dr. VIjaya to plan on how to spread the Love Peace Harmony Movement worldwide. PI Peter is an amazing man with man abilities who desires to help Master Sha help humanity. You will learn more about the movement as it continues to take shape and form.

Later in the afternoon Master Sha meet with the paralyzed man again for further blessings. This time Master Sha offered him traditional acupuncture to stimulate the tendons and nervous system. Master Sha also offered him 4 blessings of Tao Healing Waves. The man had more improvement and continues to have more strength. I get that in one week he will have the ability to walk. The man needs to develop his muscles because he has not walked in two years.

In the evening we offered one of our students parents a healing blessing. The mother was so amazing. She said during the blessing from Master Sha that she saw the Indian Sun God and Moon God. She was filled with so much happiness and joy. We headed over to an evening workshop after the blessings and had amazing evening. As one of the demos I offered a sickness karma cleansing to a lady with severe knee pain and she was pain free afterwards. Thank you Divine. This has been an amazing day with so many miracles.

Day 6 Meeting with Soul Healers from India

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Master Sha met with about 25 soul healers in Mumbai. This was the first time I meet them so I was very excited. They are all very lovely people and with absolutely amazing healing stories. We had a wonderful workshop where Master Sha offered some Tao teachings and offered each of them Love Peace Harmony Soul Mind Body Transplants. It was amazing to see that many western trained doctors are part of the group of soul healers. We created a short video clip to launch the Love Peace Harmony movement. It was so fun to chant and we also danced.

Later in the evening we had a media press conference. Two doctors who are soul healers started by sharing their healing stories. One doctor shared amazing healing stories of using the soul song Love Peace Harmony to heal her father from back pain. The story was so heart touching and inspiring. It was so exciting to see the media people so excited about Master Sha’s teachings that they did not want to leave at the end of the night. Each one received a sickness karma cleansing. One man had his knee pain completely healed, and another had great improvement in a shoulder injury. They were also very fascinated in getting a karma reading. It was a very fun evening.

I look forward to tomorrow to meet with PI Peter who is an amazing man from Chennai who will help us with the Love Peace Harmony movement.