21 Days of Self-Love: Day 7 Receive a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing for Self-Love


“I love all humanity.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Welcome to Day 7
Receive a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing for Self-Love

Today everyone who has completed days 1-6 of the 21 Days of Self-Love will receive a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessing for self-love. If you have not completed the first six days please go back and read the blog postings and practices, and then come back and receive the blessing. The blessing is only for people who are participating in 21 Days of Self-Love.

Some of you had great openings and heart-touching stories. Some of you have had challenges connecting deeply to yourself and loving yourself. This blessing will help everyone to heal more deeply whatever you are going through at this time to heal and transform your self-love issues. I love you all.

With the greatest love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero

12 thoughts on “21 Days of Self-Love: Day 7 Receive a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing for Self-Love

  1. With deepest and most sincere gratitude for the love and the light given within this most beautiful blessing. My heart opened and tears were released as I let go of pain and opened to receive the Divine Love and Light. Most grateful that you have created this wonderful self-love challenge. And also the 14 days of gratitude. We all are so blessed through you 💜. Greatest gratitude and love, Shawna

  2. Thank you Master Francisco , I had the most amazing powerful feeling through my body and crown chakra, and beautiful images and a beautiful message from the Divine I am so very grateful for this blessing thank you thank you thank you cbd cbd cbd all my love Danielle

  3. Thank you so much for this incredible Divine Healing Hands blessing Master Francisco. It was so powerful. I felt so much light and love radiating throughout my whole body. Your soul song is so powerful. I can never thank you enough for doing leading this 21 days of self love. I need it at this time so much. Thank you Master Francisco. Love you Master Francisco.

    1. Thank you Breean for your sharing. I’m happy it has helped you at this time. Love and light, Master Francisco.

  4. Thank you Master Francisco for the powerful Divine blessings. I feel so full of light now and my consciousness has changed. Also i feel more light in my mind and peaceful. Thank you Thank you Thank you Love you Love you Love you ❤

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