How to Open Your Third Eye

Dear Friends,

I am excited that Master Sha will be having an Open Spiritual Channels workshop this April 9-13. Master Sha has helped me to open my spiritual channels very quickly with his powerful practices, and blessings. Today I wanted to share with each of you a practice that I enjoy that will help to open your Third Eye.

Listen now: Open Third Eye Meditation

With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero

The Greatest Love Practice to Open Your Soul Language Channel

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has shared with us an incredible treasure to heal, rejuvenate, and transform every aspect of our life. I have found his newest book, Soul Healing Miracles, a blessing beyond words. The Source Ling Guang Calligraphies found within the pages of this book have the power to heal every aspect of our life. Today I would like to share with you an application that I have learned recently on how to highly develop your Soul Language Channel.

Practice using The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ai – Great Love to Highly Develop Your Soul Language Channel

Apply the Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Dai Ai (dah eye) with the Four Power Techniques together to open and develop the Soul Language Channel.

Body Power. Refer to the color insert near the end of Chapter Five in the Soul Healing Miracles book. Put one palm on the page with The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ai, greatest love, and one palm on the Message Center.

Soul Power. Say hello:

Dear Divine,
Dear Tao, The Source,
Dear The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy Da Ai,
Your unconditional love and greatest love can melt all
blockages and transform all life.
I need Da Ai to highly develop my Soul Language Channel.
Please remove soul mind body blockages of my Soul Language
I am extremely honored and blessed.
Dear all saints, Heaven’s saints animals, and treasures within
this calligraphy,
I love you, honor you, and appreciate you.
Please highly develop my Soul Language Channel.
I am so grateful.
Thank you.

Mind Power. Visualize your Message Center shining Da Ai, which is greatest love. For this blessing we are visualizing invisible rainbow light from the calligraphy.

Sound Power. Chant silently or aloud:

Da Ai Da Ai
Open my Soul Language Channel

Da Ai Da Ai
Open my Soul Language Channel

Da Ai Da Ai
Open my Soul Language Channel . . .

Practice for thirty minutes to one hour to highly develop your Soul Language Channel.

It is my great honor to share this powerful and sacred practice that I learned recently from my beloved spiritual father and teacher, Master Sha, at the Open Spiritual Channel events in Vancouver and The Netherlands. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Please share your experiences so others can learn and benefit from teachings of Master Sha, and The Source Ling Guang Calligraphies.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco Quintero

Dr. and Master Sha – How to Bring Out Your Soul Language

I found this wonderful video of Dr. and Master Sha teaching how to open Soul Language. Soul Language is one of the key teachings of Master Sha that empowers us to create Soul Healing Miracles in every aspect of life. It is truly a treasure to be able to use Soul Language and apply it for healing and life transformation. I use Soul Language every day because it is one of the most powerful healing treasures.

Over the next few weeks I will share some tips and applications on how to highly develop your Soul Language Channel. I look forward to sharing with each of you what I have learned about Soul Language.

Enjoy now watching Master Sha’s teaching.

Love You Everyone!

Love and blessings,
Master Francisco

Power Healing: Le Quattro Chiavi Per Energizzare Corpo, Mente e Spirito

Sono molto felice oggi perché mi sto preparando ad andare con Dr. e Master Sha a Rimini, in Italia, domani. Sarà il nostro primo seminario in Italia. Uno dei primi libri di Master Sha, Power Healing: Le Quattro Chiavi Per Energizzare Corpo, Mente e Spirito, è stato recentemente pubblicato in italiano. Sono molto felice di avere l’opportunità di diffondere gli insegnamenti di Master Sha al fine di permettere alle persone in Italia di creare per se stessi dei miracoli di guarigione dell´anima. Il libro Power Healing mi sta molto al cuore perché è stato il primo libro che ho letto di Master Sha.

Sono ora una dozzina di anni che ho conosciuto Master Sha e non dimenticherò mai la saggezza, la conoscenza e le tecniche pratiche che ho imparato da Power Healing: Le Quattro Chiavi Per Energizzare Corpo, Mente e Spirito. Questo libro lo amo e lo considero un grande tesoro. Mi ha ispirato a continuare il viaggio della mia anima con Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha, e mi ha aiutato di curare la pressione alta. Non ringrazierò mai abbastanza Master Sha per aver scritto questo libro pieno di cose molto sagge e preziose per l´umanità.

Gli esercizi delle visualizzazioni creative sono delle pratiche molto forti nel libro Power Healing. Master Sha insegna che la visualizzazione creativa può aumentare la tua energia e guarire la tua anima, il tuo cuore, la tua mente e il tuo corpo. Si possono applicare gli esercizi della visualizzazione creativa per l’auto-guarigione di ogni aspetto della vita.

Fatemi condividere con voi uno dei miei esercizi di visualizzazione creativa preferito. Si chiama Trovare una perla in fondo al mare. In questo esercizio puoi aumentare la tua energia ed anche aprire il tuo terzo occhio. È un esercizio molto potente e eccitante.
Ascolta ora Trovare una perla in fondo al mare!

Goditi la registrazione audio di questo esercizio potente.

Fai la pratica ogni giorno e la tua vita sarà trasformata.

Ho meditato con questo esercizio per un anno quando ho incontrato Master Sha per la prima volta e mi ha aiutato ad aprire il mio terzo occhio e a sviluppare una base molto forte per il viaggio della mia anima. Ascoltalo ogni giorno. Pratica. Goditelo.

Con amore e benedizioni ,
Master Francisco

Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind and Spirit

I’m very excited today because I’m preparing to go with Dr. and Master Sha to Rimini, Italy tomorrow. It will be our first workshop in Italy. One of Master Sha’s first books, Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit was recently published in Italian. It brings me great joy to be able to spread these powerful teachings with Master Sha to empower others in Italy to create soul healing miracles in their lives. The Power Healing book is very special to my heart because it was the first book that I read from Master Sha.

It has been about twelve years since I met Master Sha and I will never forget the wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques that I learned from Power Healing: The Four Keys to Energizing Your Body, Mind & Spirit. I absolutely love and treasure this book. This book inspired me to continue my soul journey with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and helped me to heal from high blood pressure. I can’t thank Master Sha enough for writing this book filled with priceless wisdom for humanity.

Powerful practices from the Power Healing book are the creative visualization exercises. Master Sha teaches that creative visualization can boost your energy, and to heal your soul, heart, mind and body. You can apply the creative visualization exercises to self-heal any aspect of life.

Let me share with you one of my favorite creative visualization exercises. It is called, Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea. In this exercise you can boost your energy, and also open your Third Eye. It is a very powerful and exciting practice.

Listen now to Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea!

Enjoy the audio recording of this powerful practice. Share your experiences so that others can learn and grow in their soul journey. Sharing is a form of service.

Practice daily and your life will be transformed. I meditated with this practice for one year when I first met Master Sha and it helped me to open my Third Eye and develop a strong foundation for my soul journey. Listen to it daily. Practice. Enjoy it.

With love and blessings,
Master Francisco

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s Tao Point Blessing for Opening and Developing the Soul Language Channel

The greatest opportunity in your soul journey is to be in the presence of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. One blessing from a high level master like my beloved Master Sha can settle down every aspect of your life for success and happiness. Soul Healing Miracles can occur in every aspect of your life.

I’m here in IJmuiden, the Netherlands with Master Sha and all the beautiful Dutch students. We are having an amazing Open Your Spiritual Channels retreat. I have been amazed and filled with gratitude of all that Master Sha gives his students. It always touches my heart how much he gives to humanity, and how much he is willing to give us in order to accelerate our soul journey. He truly is an unconditional servant for humanity. He gives us Da Ai, greatest love, to transform our lives.

Yesterday I had the great honor to receive one of the most powerful blessings in my soul journey. It has deepened my understanding of who Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is and the Divine, Tao, and Source presence that he embodies and represents.

Let me share with you today my experience so that you can learn more deeply how Master Sha can open your spiritual channels to new levels never dreamed of:

Thank you Master Sha countless bow downs. This is truly a new level of ‘wow.’

When Master Sha placed his Fa Qi (spiritual instrument) on my Ming Men Point (the point behind the navel along the spinal column) and my energy centers started vibrating, I could especially feel my Zu Qiao going bong, bong, bong. I knew, this was going to be a special blessing before it even started. All of my energy centers were spinning. As the blessing started I felt fire go into in my Ming Men Point. It quickly shot up to my Third Eye. This was truly a blessing for my Third Eye also. It shot down to the Message Center, and fire burst out of my Message Center. It continued along the path of the Soul Language Channel. This was just the beginning.

That was just the first part, fire burning through the blockages in my Soul Language Channel. So that was the beginning of the process and the fun started. My Soul Language Channel was expanding about ten times bigger, it was huge, and felt endless. I saw beautiful light that was going whoosh, Whoosh, WHOOSH!!! It was as if I was in a tunnel or waterfall of light.

Then I was flying and twirling. As I was twirling I was going through layers of Heaven. Then I started hearing beautiful choirs singing. The message I received was when I sing the choir will sing. I went higher. I heard birds’ Soul Language, heaven’s animals’ Soul Language. When I chant my Soul Language they will chant with me. I’ve never seen that before. Every layer has beautiful, beautiful Soul Language. All these layers will be chanting Soul Language with me. The sound was so beautiful and heavenly with animals, birds, and nature each having there Soul Language that I’ve never heard before. They were saying we’re going to chant with you when I chant my Soul Language.

The blessings continued. Next, I heard Heaven’s music – drums, and other instruments that also have their own Soul Language and will also be chanting with me. It just kept going all the way to the top, so much happiness. My soul got so happy. It went to highest realms my channel because so pure and heavenly that I’ve never seen in my life. It was infinite and the colors so brilliant.

We often underestimate the power of Soul Language Channel because it’s the first one. Everybody wants to open up their Knowing Channel and Third Eye Channel, but the Soul Language Channel is one of most powerful treasures for healing and life transformation. What does every aspect of your life include? It includes:

• Boost Energy, Stamina, Vitality and Immunity
• Heal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies
• Prevent all sickness
• Purify soul, heart, mind and body
• Rejuvenate soul, heart, mind and body
• Prolong life
• Move in the direction of immortality
• Transform all relationships
• Transform business and finances
• Open your spiritual channels
• Increase intelligence
• Bring success in every aspect of life

I saw countless Akashic Record books, wisdom, and knowledge from all these layers of Heaven that I will be able to connect with this new channel. The Tao Point Blessing for Opening the Soul Language Channel was also for my relationships. I then saw coins come in from heaven to bless my finances. This was the most profound blessing I have received that I’m deeply grateful for. I will have to tell you, you have to get this. Do whatever you can. Thank you Master Sha. Love you Master Sha.

I call each of you to take the rare opportunity to create Soul Healing Miracles in your life by attending an event with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang. Your life will be blessed beyond words.

With love and blessings,
Master Francisco Quintero

Open Your Spiritual Channels with Dr. and Master Sha – Live Webcast from Vancouver, Canada

I’m on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia with Dr. and Master Sha. We just finished some events in San Francisco, California and now heading to Vancouver for a powerful and exciting workshop – Open Your Spiritual Channels. I love his open spiritual channels workshops because each time my spiritual channels open further and to a higher level. Each of them is unique and the openings that occur always empower me to serve humanity in a more powerful way.

I have had the great honor and privilege to travel with Master Sha around the world to empower humanity to create Soul Healing Miracles in their lives. This has been the most beautiful journey in my life. Soul Healing Miracles can occur in every aspect of life. I have had many Soul Healing Miracles happen in my soul journey that have allowed me to open my spiritual channels. Many of these miracles occurred during workshops like the one that will be held this weekend in Vancouver. You have the power to open your spiritual channels so that you can better serve humanity. I call each of you today to join us this weekend to participate in this exciting event [click here].

Master Sha’s blessings and techniques have allowed be to see with my Third Eye to very deep levels of the human body, and into the highest realms in heaven. It has allowed me to directly communicate with the Divine, my spiritual fathers and mothers, and other divine beings in the soul world with a high degree of accuracy. I can’t thank Master Sha enough for his countless blessings to help me open my spiritual channels so I can better serve humanity. The power that comes through Master Sha during his workshops helps us to fastly open our spiritual channels so that we can communicate with the soul world.

Each day of the Open Your Spiritual Channels workshop I will share my personal experience and insights that I have learned. I look forward to seeing each of you in person or via webcast. I’m very excited at this time and looking forward to land in Vancouver.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco