Soul Wellness: Day 101 A Heart of Service – The Green Heart of the Netherlands

It is spring once again. The sun has been shining, flowers are in full bloom and hearts opening. I just finished a soul healing tour of the beautiful country of the Netherlands. We started in Amsterdam where the energy is very exciting, contagious and joyful. We then proceeded to the Green Heart of the Netherlands to Bodegraven for a Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat. We enjoyed beautiful spring weather during our retreat. Our hearts opened and were filled with love and joy. We ended our soul healing tour one week later in Rotterdam. We got to meet many new people in Rotterdam whose hearts have a deep desire to help others. The entire tour was very heart-touching and also a learning experience for me. I realized that all of humanity has a deep desire to serve, a deep desire to help all those who are suffering. It is our soul’s desire.

What is the Green Heart of the Netherlands? I will only share my personal experience so that you understand deeper the significance of service. In the Green Heart of the Netherlands you will find brilliant colors during the spring time. You can find bursting pink tulips, sun-shine yellow and white narcissus flowers, and deep orange and red daisies. In the Green Heart you will find green meadows that go on for miles. You will find sheep with baby lambs in the spring time. You will find all the farm animals and their babies this time of the year. In the Green Heart of the Netherlands you will find birth and creation that opens the heart and fills it with joy.

During the Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat I took a daily walk with Master Sabine Parlow in the heart land and saw beautiful yellow flowers in many people’s gardens. We got to see a mother sheep nurse her baby lamb in a few farm houses that we passed by during our walk. It was so beautiful and heart-touching to see. The sun was shining and people’s hearts were healing and opening. To me the Green Heart is a place of creation, a place that allows the heart to heal and open. The land is very green here in the spring and summer. Green is the color of healing. This land is very special that can open your heart and bring a smile to your face.

What did I learn deeper in the Green Heart of the Netherlands? I learned that everyone has a deep desire to serve. I learned that many people have a deep soul desire to help humanity, Mother Earth, the animals, all of nature, and all souls. I learned that everyone has a green heart to help others to become happier and healthier. My heart opened more and allowed me to transform my own mind-sets and beliefs. I learned as a Divine Servant and Channel to believe in humanity. This was important for my transformation because I now believe at a deeper level what Master Sha has said many times “The Purpose of Life is to Serve.” This message is now more fully integrated into my soul, heart, mind and body.

During my tour I did many soul readings for people who applied for Divine Healing Hands. The Divine gave people many heart touching messages that allowed the hearts of many to open, and to commit to service. This was very beautiful to see. Many people where heart-touched by their readings. For many people I noticed that the pain in their hearts is the deep desire to help others but not knowing how.

How can we fulfill our soul’s desire to help others? Master Zhi Gang Sha empowers humanity to offer service to others. He has dedicated his life to teach others how to offer service. Master Sha’s message is “The Purpose of Life is to Serve.” Everything he does is to help another soul. Master Sha empowers humanity to offer service by giving them the opportunity to receive Divine Treasures. A Divine Treasure carries Divine frequency and vibration that helps to heal, bless, rejuvenate, prevent sickness and transform all aspects of life including health, relationships, finances, and intelligence. To receive a Divine Treasure is heart touching because it is like carrying the essence of the Divine within you to help others to become happier and healthier.

How can you help others to become happier and healthier? Receive Divine Healing Hands. To receive Divine Healing Hands is to help the Divine to help others, to bring healing and transformation to humanity, Mother Earth, nature, the animals and all souls. Your soul will be filled with gratitude when it can offer divine soul healing to humanity. The most beautiful part of Master Sha’s teachings is that he is giving us the opportunity to serve, to connect with the Divine to bring heaven to Mother Earth.

My heart opened when I received Divine Healing Hands, and I believe your heart will open to. Let me take you through a short meditation. I will bring your soul to the Green Heart of the Netherlands to help open your heart and help you to recognize the purpose of your life.

The Green Heart Land of the Divine Meditation

Place both your palms over your lower abdomen. Breathe into your lower abdomen. Relax your face, your cheeks, jaw, teeth and gums. Relax your shoulders. Relax your spinal column, hips and legs. Relax your feet and toes. Relax every cell of your body. We are now ready to start.

Visualize in your lower abdomen a beautiful green meadow. You are walking along a brilliant green meadow. The air is fresh. Breathe in the essence of heaven and earth into your lower abdomen. You are walking along a path. You see the beautiful pink and yellow tulips. Your soul is filled with joy and love. You see the beautiful sheep and their baby lamb. The site of a mother nursing her baby opens your heart and fills you with gratitude. You are in the Green Heart Land of the Divine. Your heart opens. Open your heart. Open your heart. Open your heart. Love. Love. Love. Joy. Joy. Joy.

You are walking in the Green Heart Land of the Divine and your soul is filled with so much happiness. Your soul is healing. You are walking along a beautiful path enjoying the green grass, beautiful meadow, animals and brilliant flowers. In the distance you see a crystal temple; you are walking closer to the temple. The frequency and vibration is getting stronger. This is the Divine’s Temple.

You walk towards the Divine’s Temple. Your heart opens. You know this is a special place. Two large angels greet you at the entrance and let you enter the Divne’s Temple. You walk inside and lay down in the center. The Divine’s love fills your body from head to toe, skin to bone. Your heart opens. The Divine is blessing you with his love. Open your heart. Open! Open! Open! Your heart opens. You are filled with love. The Divine is healing and blessing you. Enjoy!

The Divine speaks: My Dear sons and daughters, I love you all. Open your hearts. I have been by your side in your times of pain and suffering. I have not left your side. I am your servant. I serve your soul. Feel my love and light. My love can help you to melt your blockages. Feel my love now. Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love! The key to my heart, the key to return home to my heart is service. Each of you has the power and abilities to return home to my heart by offering love, care and compassion to others. Do not forget to help humanity at this time on Mother Earth. Millions of people are suffering. I need you to do my work. I need you to bring my love to the people. You are my messengers. I hold each of you tenderly in my hearts. Feel my hands hold you. Each of you can receive my healing hands. By receiving healing hands you can help me to hold all souls with love. All souls need my love. I need each of you to help me to hold humanity with love. My healing hands hold and bless people with my love. I believe in each of you. Open your hearts and serve. Spend a moment to feel my love…

The Divine give you a special message. He gives you message about the purpose of your life. Listen to his message with your heart. Spend a few minutes to listen to his message. If you can’t hear his message, feel his love and light. Listen to his message now…

Your heart is filled with love and light. Your soul bows to the Divine and is filled with gratitude. Take a few deep breaths into your lower abdomen. Breathe into your abdomen. Give thanks to the Divine for blessing you.

Close the practice by saying “Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song.” Hao means perfect, get well in Mandarin Chinese. Gong song means to respectfully return to your abode.

Open your eyes and notice how you feel. Does your heart feel more open? Do you feel more love? If you received a message about your soul, great! If no, do not worry your spiritual channels will open with practice.

Today practice the meditation and write down your message in your journal. Follow your soul’s desire and empower your life today by receiving Divine Healing Hands. Your heart will open and your soul will be happier and healthier.

Transform your life today by receiving Divine Healing Hands. This will help you to serve your family, friends, and all loved ones in a powerful way.

I invite each of you to come to the Green Heart of the Netherlands to open your hearts and receive the love of the Dutch people. They will hold you in their arms with an open heart and fill you with love and joy. You will have an unforgettable beautiful experience.

I send my love and thanks to the Dutch team.

Love and blessings,

Master Francisco Quintero

Soul Wellness: Day 100 How to Help Humanity with Divine Healing Hands

Divine Healing Hands can empower you to create Soul Healing Miracles to serve humanity, and Mother Earth.

I would like to share with each of you my experience receiving Divine Healing Hands and how it has transformed my life and the lives of others. I have been a student of Master Zhi Gang Sha for over ten years now and my life has been completely transformed.

One of the most profound experiences that I have had was when I received Divine Healing Hands. What has changed in my life? My heart has opened more because every time I use my Divine Healing Hands I feel the presence of the Divine. I feel the Divine’s unconditional love when I offer soul healing to others. I feel the Divine’s unconditional forgiveness at all times.

Divine Healing Hands has changed my life completely because I feel more connected with the Divine and the quality of my service to humanity has dramatically increased.

What are Divine Healing Hands?

Let me share with you my personal experience and Third Eye images of the day that I received Divine Healing Hands. This will help you to understand deeper how Master Zhi Gang Sha is helping to heal and transform humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.

My Experience Receiving Divine Healing Hands

The day I received Divine Healing Hands there was great peace in my heart because I felt the presence of the Divine inside of me. I remember that Master Zhi Gang Sha called upon the Divine and everything appeared to stand still. It was a calling to the Divine and to heaven.

I saw heaven open and the Divine appear.

The Divine was a brilliant golden light being that radiated pure love that wrapped around everyone in the room. The Divine was offering his love to everyone and preparing their souls to receive his soul hands. I felt as if the Divine gently uplifted our souls and took our souls to his heart.

In the Divine’s heart he purified our souls; he offered us his virtue in the form of multi-colored flowers. Beautiful pink, red, golden, purple and crystal flowers.

Everyone who was about to receive God’s soul hand, was being nourished with the purest love and light in order to prepare our souls to be Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers. This was a very special and rare opportunity to receive a divine treasure in the heart of the Divine.

I heard Master Sha give the Divine Order to transmit to everyone the Divine Healing Hands, and at that moment I could see that the Divine gently placed his hands on mine and transmitted to me his soul hand. It was a special and profound moment to feel God’s soul hand on my hand.

The Divine spoke to me and said the following:

My dear son, I love you. I love all of humanity. It is important that you spread my love and light to humanity with my soul hands.

My soul hands will help humanity heal, transform and bless all aspects of life. You are my messenger on mother earth.

I trust in you to help me to spread my love and light at this time on Mother Earth.

Call upon my hands and I will be present to offer a soul healing. Honor my soul hands daily and I will empower you further my dear son. You are loved and blessed, the Divine.

I showed my gratitude and appreciation.

This was a special occasion for me that has deepened my understanding of Divine Healing Hands and all the Divine Treasures that Master Sha and his Worldwide Representatives transmit to humanity.

This experience was very short in the physical world, but appeared to last for several minutes in soul time.

Millions of people around the world have a burning desire to help others, to help animals, and to help Mother Earth. Master Sha has given us the power and ability to fulfill our souls desire to help others.

Divine Healing Hands can empower each of us to help others by healing and transforming their souls. This is how we will create love, peace and harmony on Mother Earth at this time.

Do you feel the urgency to help others? Do you feel a calling to help relieve the suffering of others? Does your heart want to help heal Mother Earth? Does your heart want to help the animals that are suffering?

Divine Healing Hands can empower you to do all of this and much more.

I’m very honored and appreciative to have received Divine Healing Hands and apply them daily to help others. This always touches my heart because I feel God’s love each time.

To be touched by God in this way is indescribable and heart-touching.

For today, all those who have not received the Divine Healing Hands close your eyes for a minute. Hold one hand in your lower abdomen and your other hand over your Message Center.

Go into your heart and ask your soul the following “Dear my body soul, I love you. Do you desire to help others relieve their suffering? Do you desire to help Mother Earth? Do you desire love, peace and harmony? Please give me a clear answer. Thank you.” Remember to listen with your heart.

If you received a yes for any of these questions I encourage each of you to receive Divine Healing Hands. Learn more about Divine Healing Hands by going to the website Divine Healing Hands.

For those of you who already have the Divine Healing Hands, ask the Divine the following “How can I better serve others with my Divine Healing Hands?” You may discover new ways to apply the Divine Healing Hands and to help others that you have not thought of before.

Share your stories how Divine Healing Hands has transformed your life and the lives of others.

I send my love to each of you today. Love you all.

Love and blessings,

Master Francisco Quintero

Soul Wellness: Day 99 The Key to Forgiveness – Listening and Understanding with Your Heart

It feels wonderful to be in Europe at this time. It feels like spring is coming early. The sun is shining, the people are smiling. You can always tell when spring is coming because you can find tulips at the farmers market and flower shops.

A lovely couple came in to the Love Peace Harmony Center – Frankfurt yesterday and brought us some colorful tulips to show their gratitude and appreciation for the blessings they have received from Master Zhi Gang Sha and all those who have helped them.

Even in times of difficulty and suffering they are able to have great love, forgiveness and compassion for each other and for all. This was very lovely to see. They really demonstrate the type of love and strength that is needed during times of difficulty.

How can we have unconditional love and forgiveness at all times, even in times of challenges?

Divine Servants and Channels for Humanity are asked to practice unconditional love and forgiveness at all times. We must not only be able to teach others how to do it, but we must also practice it. We must practice what we teach. We all have challenges and difficulties in our lives.

The key is to always remember to apply love and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness are the keys to the spiritual journey. Love and forgiveness are the key to creating Soul Healing Miracles in your life and the lives of others.

In order to advance in your spiritual journey, in order for the Divine to uplift your soul standing in heaven you must be able to offer unconditional love and forgiveness to everyone. This includes the people we have challenges with.

Love and forgiveness are the golden keys that transform all aspects of life.

In the physical and spiritual journey anytime you have conflict or challenges with another person you must look within yourself first to see how you can improve. The key is to always look within your own heart first before blaming the other person.

Many relationship challenges and conflicts are related to karma. We must first look within our own hearts and ask how we can improve, how we can better communicate with the other person, how have we hurt them in order for them to have hurt or pain.

Everyone can improve who they are. If you do not go within and respond to challenges with negativity you could potentially create new bad karma (and we want to avoid that).

I have learned in my spiritual journey that I need to listen and understand with my heart the people that I have relationship challenges with. This has been a wonderful skill to develop because it allows me to improve myself as a Divine Servant and Channel. It allows me to open my heart more to others and to develop the qualities of unconditional love and forgiveness.

How do you listen and understand with your heart?

One of the most powerful ways is to speak to the person directly that you are having relationship challenges with. Ask them “how have I hurt you?” This simple question will allow them to tell you how they feel about their pain.

The key is only to listen to your friend, loved one, partner with an open heart. Listening to them is the key. Listen. Listen. Listen. By listening to them you will be able to understand them more fully, understand why they are hurt. This will help you to release some of the blockages in your relationship.

You can also share with the other person your feelings and how you are also hurt. It is very important to be open, loving, and compassionate for each other as you listen and understand the other soul.

Remember to make a soul connection, and feel the suffering of the other person. By feeling their soul your heart will also open which will allow you to love them and to forgive them.

You can then offer a blessing to your relationship in the following way to help continue the transformation.

Transforming Your Relationship with Love and Forgiveness Practice

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of your chest). Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say, “Dear soul, mind and body of _________ (name of person), I love you. Please forgive me for any mistakes or harm that I have caused you in this life and pastlives. I sincerely ask for forgiveness. Let us forgive each other. Thank you.”

Mind Power. Visualize golden light radiating in your Message Center (Heart Chakra in the middle of the chest). Also visualize beautiful golden light in the other person.

Sound Power. Chant repeatedly:

Divine love heals my relationship with ____________ (name of person)
Divine love heals my relationship with ____________ (name of person)
Divine love heals my relationship with ____________ (name of person)

Divine forgiveness transforms my relationship with ____________ (name of person)
Divine forgiveness transforms my relationship with ____________ (name of person)
Divine forgiveness transforms my relationship with ____________ (name of person)

Practice daily for 15-30 minutes. If you have serious challenges you can chant for longer periods of time.

In order for us to help humanity and Mother Earth during times of difficulty it will be very important that we be the examples of unconditional love and forgiveness.

Take time today to think about the people you have challenges with or broken relationships. Speak to them. Listen to them. Ask for forgiveness. Send them love.

Practice love, peace and harmony. By doing this you will be blessing your spiritual journey and helping to bring harmony on Mother Earth.

Your life will be extremely blessed when you practice love, peace and harmony in your relationships.

With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero