How to Open Your Third Eye? Develop Your Kundalini First

Hello everyone! The Snow Mountain Area, also known as the Kundalini, is one of the key energy centers for developing the Third Eye.

It is actually the key to open the Third Eye in a safe way. The Snow Mountain Area is a foundation energy center that is the key for nourishing the kidneys and spinal column. It is food for the brain and Third Eye.

It is very important to develop a strong Snow Mountain Area because it supplies all the energy that is needed to open your Third Eye. If you have a weak Snow Mountain Area and your Third Eye is open you may have the possibility of having low energy.

The Snow Mountain Area is located at the base of the spine in front of the tailbone. It is also known as the kundalini to the yogis, the Golden Urn to Taoists, and Ming Men Area to traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners.

Develop this energy center to have a strong healthy body, prolong your life, rejuvenate, and also to develop your Third Eye.

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has an incredible teaching, and practice to develop the power and abilities of your Kundalini. I opened my Third Eye using his powerful techniques and I believe you can also.

Love you everyone.

Master Francisco