Soul Study

The most powerful teachings that Master Sha has taught me is that everything has a soul and that the soul has the power to heal and transform every aspect of your life. This was new very new to me when I first learned it but I did not hesitate to try it. Master Sha gave us a simple formula in order to connect to our soul to receive a blessing. To connect to your soul right now to receive a blessing simply say: Dear my soul. I love you. I appreciate you. Please bless my physical life and spiritual journey. I’m honored and appreciative. Thank you so much. Then chant God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, etc…continuously for 1 minute or more. I followed this simple technique for 30 minutes each day and I experienced profound healing for my high blood pressure and opening of my heart. This is a simple tool that you can try at any time. Give it a try!