New Radio Show: Open and Develop Your Third Eye

Hello everyone! I started a new radio show on Energy Talk Radio and My first show is called Open and Develop Your Third Eye Channel. You can find the first show here. The first show is part one on developing the foundation power to open the Third Eye Channel. The first practice is on developing the Lower Dan Tian power in order to have a strong foundation for the Third Eye Channel. The Lower Dan Tian is the foundation energy center. It is the energy center for developing stamina, vitality, immunity and long life. It is also the root of the spiritual channels. It is very important to develop a strong Lower Dan Tian. The Lower Dan Tian is located about 1 ½ inches below the belly button, and 2 inches inside the body. It is the key for long life and for developing strong spiritual channels. Develop this energy center to have a strong healthy body and also to develop your Third Eye. Listen to the radio show over and over so that you can receive the frequency and vibration to open your Third Eye.

Listen now at DrShaRadio or EnergyTalkRadio.

Take care everyone.