The Sacred Art of Ancient Calligraphy – Healing Secrets Using the Art of Ancient Calligraphy Writing that Astounded Many Healers

“All cultures have produced authentic healers from time to time. Dr. Zhi Gang Sha is such a healer – a man of deep wisdom and compassion, and a gift to the human race.” ~Dr. Larry Dossey




Healing Secrets Using the Art of Ancient Calligraphy Writing that Astounded Many Healers


Miracles can happen every day. Each day many healers around the world are being astounded by the healing secrets using the ancient art of calligraphy to offer healing to others. These are healers from all sorts of different healing modalities are creating Soul Healing Miracles using this calligraphy writing.


This ancient calligraphy writing is the one-stroke calligraphy method infused with Source frequency by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Master Sha transmits to his student’s source healing power and gives the ability to offer Soul Healing using the ancient calligraphy writing.


Each stroke this calligraphy healer makes is infused with high frequency and vibration that can heal and transform all life. These calligraphy healers are known as Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Soul Healers. The calligraphy healer makes a connection with the Source and offers healing by creating calligraphy letters in the style of Yi Bi Zi, single stroke calligraphy, to bring light and love to the area one needs healing. It is a profound new way to bring healing to humanity.


Watch the incredible healing stories above from a doctor in California who uses Tao Soul Light Calligraphy to create Soul Healing Miracles for her clients.


You have the power to create your own Soul Healing Miracle today. Experience the power of Tao Soul Light Calligraphy by attending one of Master Sha´s upcoming Tao Retreats in Hawaii. The possibilities of life transformation are waiting.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco