Soul Song & Soul Dance

I’m excited to announce to everyone that I will be in the opening of Soul Power University that kicks off this week. The first program to be offered is Soul Song Soul Dance Healer. This is a very special time as Master Sha offers a revolutionary way to offer healing blessings to humanity, Soul Song and Soul Dance. This is such a simple concept that we already enjoy and Master Sha has taken what we enjoy in our lives and added Divine Downloads that help us to increase our frequency, open our Soul Song channel, open our Soul Dance channel, and offer blessings to others by singing and dancing. This is incredible fun and the same time offering service to others.

If you are new to Master Sha, Soul Song or Divine Downloads what I recommend is to first view one of Master Sha’s Soul Healing Concerts. This will give you a taste of what is possible with Soul Song and Soul Dance.

If you would like to open your Soul Song you can also learn more in the The Power of Soul and Divine Soul Song books. The next step would be to take a Soul Song Soul Dance Workshop.

I invite everyone to learn more at this very exciting time.