Inner and Outer Souls

Today I would like to talk about inner and outer souls because they place a very powerful and significant role in soul healing. Many people believe that they have a body soul. Master Sha goes further by saying that every organ, system, cell, cell unit, DNA, RNA, energy center has a soul. He goes further to say that every part of your body has a soul. Our physical body consists of literally millions of souls. Our brain alone has over 15 billion brain cells. That means our brain alone has 15 billion souls. Every little cell is vibrating and radiating light.

In soul healing, there are also outer souls, which are all the souls outside of your body. Outer souls include the soul of the moon, sun, stars, Mother Earth, trees, ocean, buddhas, angels, saints, ascended masters, etc. We can invoke outer souls to receive healing blessings.

Why does soul healing work? Soul healing works because every soul is a Universal Servant. Every soul wants to offer love, forgiveness, compassion, light to heal and bless every aspect of your life. That is very powerful because when we invoke souls with high standing in heaven we can receive high frequency vibrations that remove blockages in our body and promote energy flow within our body. We can receive incredible healing blessings.
Here is a little practice of how to do soul healing for a physical issue:

First say hello to your inner soul – Dear soul, mind and body of my heart, I love you. You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job. I’m honored and appreciative for supporting my life. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you.

Now, say hello to an outer soul – Dear soul, mind and body of God’s Light, I love you, honor you and appreciate you. Please offer me a healing blessing for my heart. Rejuvenate my heart. Transform all my anxiety and depression to joy. I can’t thank you enough. I’m honored and appreciative. Thank you.

Chant for 3-5 minutes God’s Light and visualize golden light in your heart. Do this practice for 3-5 times per day, 3-5 minutes each time.

At the end of the practice say: Hao! Hao! Hao! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong Song. Gong Song. Gong Song.

The Hero Condition

One of the most powerful and simple methods of receiving healing blessings while you are meditating is to enter into what Master Sha calls the hero condition. The hero condition is when you become the mantra that you are chanting. If you are chanting the Medicine Buddha’s name, you become the Medicine Buddha. Your entire being becomes the Medicine Buddha. You visualize yourself radiating the beautiful lapis blue color and you are serving humanity. If you are chanting God’s Light, you visualize yourself as this God’s Light that is radiating out to humanity. Entering into the hero condition allows you to connect to the Divine, the higher saints, and to all souls. It allows you to radiate divine light. It allows you to become divine. Try this practice the next time you chant a mantra and notice the difference when you are in the hero condition and when you are not. This is an important part of your spiritual practice because it allows you to expand your consciousness and to embody divine love and light.

Connecting with Your Soul

One of the first practices I ever did to connect to my soul was a simple greeting and chant. Master Zhi Gang Sha calls the greeting “say hello greeting.” We say hello to our soul in order to awaken it and to call its attention. To do this practice say: “Dear soul, mind and body of my soul, I love you. I will start to communicate with your from today. I really love you and appreciate you. Please bless my physical life and my spiritual journey. Thank you so much. Please open my spiritual channels to communicate with you. Thank you.” Then chant: God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light…etc. Chant for 30 minutes. This simple practice will help to open your heart chakra (known as the Message Center in Master Sha’s teachings) and it will help you to connect with your soul. It is a very beautiful and profound way to connect to your soul and to God. While doing this practice you can sit or stand. It is best if you place your left hand facing your Message Center (the energy center between your nipples inside your body) and your right hand in prayer position. You will notice if you are dedicated to this practice that you will feel better and your spiritual channels will begin to open.

Food for the Soul

One of the most important principles to understand about soul development is karma. Karma or Te in Chinese is a record of your services. Karma can be divided into good karma and bad karma. Good karma is created by actions that offer service. Bad karma is created by actions that cause others to suffer like stealing, lying, killing, etc. To nourish your soul you must offer good service to good virtue. A human body soul that is thin and faint is a soul that has not offered a lot of service. A soul that is large and fat is a soul that has offered a lot of service. Always be kind and compassionate to others to gain virtue. Offer service to others unconditionally and do not expect things in return. By offering service you will gain virtue which will increase your soul standing. By increasing your soul standing you will have more Soul Power to heal and to serve others.

Everything has a Soul

The secret to soul healing is to understand that everything and everyone has a soul. Once you realize this the entire soul world begins to open up. The possibility off giving and receiving blessings to all souls is opened. The soul is the essence of life. It is spirit. The soul has creativity, flexibility, emotions, memories, its own thoughts, inspiration and much more. We can use “say hello” to souls to make a request for a healing. It is simple and direct. Let me give you an example of how you can make a request to heal and bless your heart. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my heart, I love you. You have the power to heal yourself do a good job. Thank you. Then chant I love my heart, I love my heart, I love my heart, I love my heart, I love my heart… Chant for 3-5 minutes. Visualize your heart radiating beautiful golden light. It is healthy and strong. At the end say “Hao. Hao. Hao. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Gong song. Gong song. Gong song.” Hao means perfect, get well. It’s like giving a command to your heart to get well soon. Gong song means to respectful return to your abode. This is a simple and powerful way to begin self-healing.

Soul Study

The most powerful teachings that Master Sha has taught me is that everything has a soul and that the soul has the power to heal and transform every aspect of your life. This was new very new to me when I first learned it but I did not hesitate to try it. Master Sha gave us a simple formula in order to connect to our soul to receive a blessing. To connect to your soul right now to receive a blessing simply say: Dear my soul. I love you. I appreciate you. Please bless my physical life and spiritual journey. I’m honored and appreciative. Thank you so much. Then chant God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, etc…continuously for 1 minute or more. I followed this simple technique for 30 minutes each day and I experienced profound healing for my high blood pressure and opening of my heart. This is a simple tool that you can try at any time. Give it a try!