I just finished a powerful weekend at the Terapias Alternativas Congreso (Alternative Therapy Congress) in Barcelona and the two most common questions where “Is it really my karma?” and “Can it be my karma?” My answer was always, “YES.” Karma is the root blockage of all sickness, and all aspects of life.

During the congreso we were offering to the public a Soul Operation to remove sickness karma for one sickness or condition. We did this as a free service to the community of Barcelona. The response was phenomenal. People left feeling happier and healthier. Many people signed up for the upcoming retreat with Master Sha in Barcelona on May 12-15, 2011. It is going to be an amazing retreat, and you will absolutely love the city of Barcelona. The art, flowers, architecture and people of Barcelona are so beautiful…and the Manchego Cheese is so yummy. I can’t wait! If you decide to come to the retreat remember to give yourself a few days extra to spend in the city.

At the congreso we had a beautiful both set up showing the Soul Master’s film, talking about Sha’s Golden Healing Ball and the Love Peace Harmony CD, and offering free soul operations. Two new Universal Servants from Spain (a mother and daughter) helped me work at the both. They did an amazing job. I can’t thank them enough. Thank you!

It was amazing to see how many people stopped by to watch the heart-touching Soul Masters documentary. It felt like the film was talking to their souls. I highly recommend everyone to show this film to their friends and families or in your local community. We have had great success with this film in opening the hearts of the Catalonians in Barcelona to Master Sha’s teachings.

One man came to me during the congreso to receive a soul operation. He said he was experiencing sharp pain that felt like he was cut in two at the level of the diaphragm. He also had pain that felt like an arrow that entered from the chest and out his back. If he gently touched the points he would experience great pain. After talking with him he explained to me he knew in his sickness was beyond an energy blockage. He was an energy healer himself and knew very well something was not right.

I did a karma reading and he had personal karma, negative memories and curses related to his pain. I saw with my Third Eye that he had a past life where he was cut in half…ouch. This explained why he has feelings in this life that he is disconnected from his upper body and lower body. The sharp pain he felt was a curse that looked like an arrow that pierced right through him. I don’t intent to be graphic, but karma can manifest itself very painfully in the physical body. At the end of the session he experienced a deeper connection within himself; the pain had significantly resided and was very happy. His face looked brighter and more joyful. After the soul operation he said to me “Do you think it really is my karma?” You probably already know what I answered, “Yes.”

The next day I saw him again and he looked completely new. He was so happy and came to me to show his appreciation. He also talked about how he understood on an intuitive level that it was beyond energy and he knew in his heart he received something special. Thank you, Divine.

Stories like this occurred throughout the entire weekend. People discovered that their sickness, their pain was connected with their karma. Almost everyone on some level understood what I was saying because for some people their condition was considered hopeless. Master Sha, his Worldwide Representatives, and all his students are bringing to humanity hope for the hopeless. It is such a great honor to be a disciple and student of Master Sha when you experience the relief of suffering during moments like this.

I have traveled around the world with Master Sha and have seen him create miracle after miracle bringing hope to the hopeless. This is why I have dedicated my life to spread his teachings. For some the teaching of karma may be knew, but if you give people a direct experience using the Soul Power techniques from the books you will open their hearts to new possibilities.

Today select one sickness or part of the body that you have pain. We are going to do a forgiveness practice to help self-clear the karma for your request.

Self-clearing Karma Practice for One Sickness

Body Power. Place your left palm over your Message Center (heart chakra) in the middle of your chest. Place your right hand in prayer position.

Soul Power. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of all the souls that I have hurt or harmed in this life and pastlives related to my sickness (or pain or condition), I love you all. Please come in front of me to do this forgiveness practice with me. Please forgive me for any harm that I may have caused you. I deeply apologize. Thank you.”

Sound Power. Chant: God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light…

Mind Power. Visualize golden light throughout your whole body. Visualize that the Divine is offering all the souls forgiveness. All the souls you have hurt or harmed are radiating golden light.

Practice this simple exercise 10-30 minutes everyday to self-clear the karma for one sickness or condition. You may discover that one day your pain is gone. Most people have to do this practice for a few days, a few months, or even a few years until all the karma has been cleared. Some souls may forgive you right away. Some that you have hurt very painfully may not forgive you right away. If you continue to practice one day they will see your sincerity and forgive you.

If you have pain, sickness or blockage in any aspect of your life I recommend you get a karma reading to see how it is affecting your life. You can learn a lot from your mistakes in pastlives that may allow your soul to grow further in this life. Let me know if you would like a karma reading. I’m here to help!

In your journal today write down your experiences after doing a forgiveness practice. You can also ask your soul “What is the message behind my sickness, pain or blockage?” You may discover something new about yourself. Take care.