Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea

Dear Friends,

One of the most powerful creative visualization exercises to open and develop the Third Eye is Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea.

Today during the BlogTalkRadio show, I led listeners through this power meditation that I learned from my spiritual father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. This exercise boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity. It helps to build your foundation energy centers, open your Third Eye, and much more.

Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea can help you to create Soul Healing Miracles in every aspect of your life.

It is one of my favorite exercise that I enjoy to do. I share this from my heart to each of you.

Listen now: Finding a Pearl at the Bottom of the Sea

Love and light,
Master Francisco

How to Bring Sacred Soul Wisdom to Your Daily Work – Interview with Master Lynne Nusyna

Dear Friends,

I had the great honor to interview today my beloved friend and colleague, Master Lynne Nusyna. She has incredible wisdom and knowledge of the business world and a big heart to serve humanity.

Listen to today’s radio show and learn how you can transform your work life. Learn how you can bring sacred Soul Wisdom to your daily work, how to transform a business or organization to one that is connected deeply to the heart.

Soul Healing Miracles can be brought into your workplace and daily work with the techniques that Master Lynne share.

Master Francisco

Listen now: Sacred Soul Wisdom for Daily Work

A Powerful, Joyful, and Inspirational Teacher – Master Peter Hudoba

Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce to you all a beautiful and powerful master teacher, Peter Hudoba. He has helped me tremendously in my soul journey and has helped me to truly understand the power and significance of Soul Enlightenment on a deeper level. Over the last twelve years I have learned to realize and see the depth and beauty of his soul and it’s true nature. I am sincerely grateful to him and all the wisdom that he brings to humanity.

I first met Master Peter Huduba in 2002 at a workshop with Master Sha in the Land of Medicine Buddha. His incredibly deep understanding of the Tao and discipline in doing his spiritual practices have always impressed me. He has a beautifully loving heart and always brings joy to my heart when I hear him teach. He is completely unconditional in his service. The students in Vancouver are extremely blessed to have him as their local teacher. I honor his service to humanity and friendship from the bottom of my heart.

I am so excited that he now offers a new vehicle for his teachings, a BlogTalkRadio show “My Soul Healing Miracles Journey for Soul Enlightenment” and his new blog “My Soul Healing Miracle Journey to Soul Enlightenment.” These are beautiful light beings serving humanity.

I hope you can also take your soul journey on a new level and greater depths from his teachings and great wisdom.

With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero

Soul Healing Miracles to Transform Your Relationships

Hello everyone. You have the power to create Soul Healing Miracles to Transform Your Relationships. I just had a powerful experience applying love and forgiveness, the golden keys to soul healing.

This program is for everyone who wants to harmonize their relationships. Take a few minutes today and experience the power of soul transformation of relationships.

With the greatest love and light,

Master Francisco

Listen Now: Transform Relationships with Love

Sacred Meditation to Manifest Soul Healing Miracles

Love you everyone!

Enjoy today’s Soul Healing Miracles Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio. I guide everyone through a Sacred Meditation to Manifest Soul Healing Miracles. You can manifest good health, loving relationships, financial abundance, and more.

In this sacred meditation you receive blessings from Heaven and get to meet your soul in a beautiful and profound way. Enjoy! Love you all.

Remember that “You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.” – Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

With Love,
Master Francisco

Listen here: Sacred Meditation to Manifest Soul Healing Miracles

Sacred Meditation for Success and Happiness

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I created the Sacred Meditation for Success and Happiness to start a fresh. In this sacred meditation I walk you through letting go of things of the past, and moving forward to the future. Enjoy! Love you all. I wish you all success and happiness in 2014.

With Love,
Master Francisco

Listen here: Sacred Meditation for Success and Happiness