Dr. and Master Sha – How to Bring Out Your Soul Language

I found this wonderful video of Dr. and Master Sha teaching how to open Soul Language. Soul Language is one of the key teachings of Master Sha that empowers us to create Soul Healing Miracles in every aspect of life. It is truly a treasure to be able to use Soul Language and apply it for healing and life transformation. I use Soul Language every day because it is one of the most powerful healing treasures.

Over the next few weeks I will share some tips and applications on how to highly develop your Soul Language Channel. I look forward to sharing with each of you what I have learned about Soul Language.

Enjoy now watching Master Sha’s teaching.

Love You Everyone!

Love and blessings,
Master Francisco

Tao Retreat: Gateway to Opening My Heart

Dear Friends,

I’m very excited this week because the Tao I-IV Retreat is just a few days away. I have been on my spiritual journey for over twelve years with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and the Tao Retreats have always been the most powerful for helping me to open my heart. Many people around the world are searching for ways to open their heart to offer unconditional love. People feel they can only offer limited love, or they cannot offer love at all. There are some people who cannot receive love. Some people have had their heart hurt or wounded through physical, emotional, or mental abuse.

Master Sha’s Tao Retreat helped me to heal and open my heart so that I can better serve humanity, Mother Earth, and all souls. It helped me to love much more deeply in my life. This is a Soul Healing Miracle that I experienced that I wanted to share with each of you today as an opportunity approaches for us to attend the Tao I-IV Retreat with Master Sha in Estes Park, Colorado or via webcast. Every minute with my spiritual father and teacher is a blessing beyond words.

If you have a Soul Healing Miracle to share with others about opening your heart I encourage you to share. Sharing is an act of love.

I love you all.

Master Francisco