It is important that we live our lives from the heart. When we live from our hearts we have more power and abilities to help others relieve their suffering. We offer greater service to others. Our frequency and vibration is higher when we live from our hearts which allows us to more easily transform our lives and to transform the lives of others.

If we are in our heart, we respond to challenges with love. Love melts all blockages. We are empowered to transform our blockages because we are responding to the challenges with love. We can see, listen and think more clearly when we are in our heart. If you are in your mind you may respond to a challenge negatively which can potentially create new karma. We want to avoid that because it may create a lesson in your life in the form of health challenges, broken relationships or financial challenges.

I always tell students to check themselves with a few simple questions. How would the Divine respond to this challenge? What would the Divine say? How would you respond if you loved the person unconditionally? Before reacting to a challenge stop to ask one of these questions and see what kind of answer you get and then take action from your heart.

If you are challenged by someone today remember to first go into your heart and then respond with love. Write down in your journal your experiences in doing this exercise.