Day 11 Amazing Miracles

Today was filled with amazing miracles. We had a Soul Group Healing Intensive in Mumbai. One of the miracles was of a 13 year old boy who could not move his left arm. The nerve from neck to end of his left hand was damaged at birth. He was born with his legs first. He did have mobility of his fingers, but his entire arm could not move. Before the boy received soul healing blessings from Master Sha he was able to lift his arm about 4 inches. Master Sha offered him sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, Divine Pearl, and also offered him his unique acupuncture to activate his arm nerve. Miraculously, the boy was able to left up his arm to shoulder level. Master Sha offered more blessings, the crowd chanted HA several minutes and at the end his lifted his arm above his head. This was truly a miracle that left the boy speechless. Thank you Divine.

The second big miracle happened privately late in the evening. A man who had multiple issues including cornea damage, diabetes, speech impairment, deafness, and heart problems. He came primarily for his right eye issue. He had his right eye completely closed. He is in the need of a cornea transplant because his cornea is inflamed for several months and has been damaged. The man could not see from his right eye. Before the blessing, Master Sha had received an upliftment in his healing power and the man instantly opened his eyes. The frequency and vibration during Master Sha’s upliftment in healing power helped the man to instantly open his eyes. The man had received healing just by being in the presence of Master Sha. This was quite remarkable and confirmation to me that to be in Master Sha’s presence is a great honor and blessing. Later Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and the Divine Pearl for his right eye. Immediately he could start to see light and shapes. He still could not see details, but had a great improvement in his vision. The man was so happy and filled with gratitude. Thank you Divine.

This was a very long day filled with amazing healing. From early in the morning to late at night Master Sha and his team worked hard to help serve the needs of everyone…in a few hours we will start again with Sunday Divine Blessings. This is the dedication of Master Sha to offer service.

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