Create New Possibilities in Your Life: Day 6 Clear the Clutter – How to Create Space for Something New


“When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds. When we throw out the mental clutter, we clear our souls.” ~Gail Blanke



Clear the Clutter – How to Create Space for Something New


My favorite part of spring cleaning is getting rid of the old. Every time I clean my home I feel 50 pounds lighter. It almost feels like a karma cleansing. It is a wonderful experience to be able to release old things from your life.


Today Master Elisabeth, some dedicated students and I started cleaning the Tao Healing Center in Frankfurt. Spring is finally here in Germany. We are creating a new Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Room. To create something new, we need to let of something old. We need to clear the clutter to create new space for something new in our life.


How do I know what to let go?


Here is a little soul secret. Hold the piece of clothing, or thing that you are considering letting go, and ask your soul “Dear my soul do you still need this piece of clothing or thing (name the object)?” Listen with your heart for a yes or a no.


If I hear yes, I keep the piece of clothing or thing. If I hear no, it goes in you letting go box. Our soul has likes and dislikes just like a human being. Your soul may like a piece of clothing one year, but has transformed so much over the year that it no longer has a need for that clothing piece.


Go through your entire home this weekend and ask your soul to guide you to determine which pieces of clothing or things are still needed in your life and which you can donate to charity. You will also feel good that you are offering service to your local community. Donating is a great way to offer service.


You can also put your favorite music on and do some Soul Dancing as you clean! Have fun. Write down your experiences about letting go of your clothes and things you do not need anymore. You may find that some of your attachments will come up and allow yourself to truly let go of the old.


How can this help your soul? The material objects we are holding on to are not allowing our soul to expand and shine. It is creating like a box around us that is stuffy and difficult to breathe. Our soul transforms, it grows and in order to allow it to shine as bright as possible we need to let go of old mind sets, attitudes and beliefs. Often these mind sets manifest as material things that we hold on to. It is important to let go of these things in order to allow our soul to grow and be uplifted. We need to let go of the old in order to allow something new to manifest in our life.


Our souls like space. The cleaner the space the more that your soul will be able to create and manifest. You make sure that your home is clean and has good Feng Shui so that energy flows smoothly. You don’t need a degree in Feng Shui to improve the energy flow in your home. The best Feng Shui is Soul Guided Feng Shui. Allow your soul to tell you the best location for your furniture, appliances and flowers. Your soul knows very well the best arrangement for your house so that you can be happy and healthy.


How can you do Soul Guided Feng Shui?


Start with your bedroom. Stand in the center of your bedroom and close your eyes. Breathe into your lower abdomen. Say “Dear soul, mind and body of my soul, I love you. Please guide me to arrange my room to have the best Feng Shui possible to bring more happiness and joy in my life, have financial abundance, and to have good health. Thank you.”


Feel the energy in the room.


Feel the frequency and vibration.


The place or corner of the room that feels heavy or dense is the area of the room that needs to be rearranged. Rearrange the furniture and then check the energy once again by standing in the center of the room. If the room is energetically balanced the room will feel very light and smooth.


If an area of the room continues to feel heavy and dense it could mean your home has spiritual blockages. If this is the case I recommend a karma cleansing for your home. The Feng Shui of your home is important in order to have good health, loving relationships and financial abundance. Do not underestimate the importance of having a good living environment and office.


A home or office with bad Feng Shui can be very harmful to your health, relationships and finances. I have meet people who are very ill, unhappy or whose businesses are doing very poor because of the Feng Shui of their home or office.


In your journal for today write down which areas of your home felt energetically heavy or dense and what you did to improve it. You can also ask your soul today “Is the Feng Shui of my home affecting an aspect of my life?” If yes, is it your health, relationships or finances?


So, get to work now to “clean the space, to welcome the guest.” Your soul will appreciate it and be happier and healthier. Start today to improve the Feng Shui of your home! If you realize you need a spiritual blessing for your home or office, I will be happy to help.


I included a video of Justin Klosky who is an expert in decluttering your life, and also an article by Peter Walsh on “Conquering Clutter.” Enjoy the video and read.


Be courageous.

Let go of your fears of letting things go.

Go now and begin your work.


With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero



4 thoughts on “Create New Possibilities in Your Life: Day 6 Clear the Clutter – How to Create Space for Something New

  1. Absolutely love these practices. Congratulations on your new Center and Tao room.
    Here’s to happy cleaning. Love you all

  2. Thank YOU! My husband thanks you, my children thank you. Letting go……Iʻm so grateful for this lesson. I will concentrate on this daily and remove the blockages within my home and reorganize for better Fung Shui. LY, LY, LY!!!

    1. Thank you Malia. I send your family my love and light. Love and light, Master Francisco.

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