Day 7 Soul Healing Miracles

Day 7 is out of order…forgot to post, but here it is. We had an amazing day today. The first miracle occurred with the son of one of the soul hears. The son is paralyzed from the legs because of a spinal cord tumor. Master Sha offered him a sickness karma cleansing, Divine Soul Mind Body Transplants, and a Divine Pearl and he was able to kick his leg. We chanted for him and Master Sha had a few of us hold his legs so that the man can press against our hands so he can begin to develop his muscles. His mother had tears of gratitude. I believe that this man will walk again shortly once his muscles gain their strength back. He has been paralyzed from the legs for over two years.

Later in the evening we went to speak to an audience that Dr. VIjaya had gathered for Master Sha to meet. There were about two hundred people who came that evening. We got to see the Indian Ocean on our way there. The sun set was very beautiful. The evening was filled with excitement. It was amazing to see that all the people instantly knew the Divine Sacred Soul Song of Yin Yang. Many more miracles occurred that evening and I was left with gratitude. The people of India have a deep respect for service and universal servants. The minute that Master Sha said he was a universal servant people clapped and cheered. Service is a big part of India that I found heart-touching. Thank you everyone.

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