Open Your Spiritual Channels with Dr. and Master Sha – Live Webcast from Vancouver, Canada

I’m on my way to Vancouver, British Columbia with Dr. and Master Sha. We just finished some events in San Francisco, California and now heading to Vancouver for a powerful and exciting workshop – Open Your Spiritual Channels. I love his open spiritual channels workshops because each time my spiritual channels open further and to a higher level. Each of them is unique and the openings that occur always empower me to serve humanity in a more powerful way.

I have had the great honor and privilege to travel with Master Sha around the world to empower humanity to create Soul Healing Miracles in their lives. This has been the most beautiful journey in my life. Soul Healing Miracles can occur in every aspect of life. I have had many Soul Healing Miracles happen in my soul journey that have allowed me to open my spiritual channels. Many of these miracles occurred during workshops like the one that will be held this weekend in Vancouver. You have the power to open your spiritual channels so that you can better serve humanity. I call each of you today to join us this weekend to participate in this exciting event [click here].

Master Sha’s blessings and techniques have allowed be to see with my Third Eye to very deep levels of the human body, and into the highest realms in heaven. It has allowed me to directly communicate with the Divine, my spiritual fathers and mothers, and other divine beings in the soul world with a high degree of accuracy. I can’t thank Master Sha enough for his countless blessings to help me open my spiritual channels so I can better serve humanity. The power that comes through Master Sha during his workshops helps us to fastly open our spiritual channels so that we can communicate with the soul world.

Each day of the Open Your Spiritual Channels workshop I will share my personal experience and insights that I have learned. I look forward to seeing each of you in person or via webcast. I’m very excited at this time and looking forward to land in Vancouver.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco

Here is Master David’s New Blog: My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and More

Today I want to share Master David’s new blog. It’s titled My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and More. I’ve had the honor to work with him in Europe. We both moved to Germany to help spread Master Sha’s teachings. He is an inspirational and powerful healer that we can all learn from. I love working with him. I can’t thank him enough for his service and friendship. I hope you find his teachings inspiring and heart touching. He has a lot of wisdom to share with us all.

Here is his welcome page of his new blog:


My Soul Healing Miracle Journey for Healing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and More will give you insights and soul wisdom on how to heal OCD and other issues in your life through the power of soul. I will share with you important lessons and experiences on my soul healing journey that can assist you in transforming your life. I will also guide you through soul healing practices that will empower you to self-heal obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or any other condition. Over time, I will introduce more exciting topics and interactive experiences for you in my blog.

I welcome you and your loved ones onto the journey of creating your soul healing miracle stories for OCD and many other spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions that are occurring in your life. May you achieve greater health, happiness and success.

I look forward to seeing him blog more.

Master Francisco

What would you like to learn about the Spiritual Channels?

I have been on my spiritual journey for over twelve years now with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. One of the greatest soul healing miracles in my life is the opening and development of my spiritual channels. It is great honor to be able to use my spiritual channels to communicate with the Divine, with all my spiritual fathers and mothers, to have medical intuitive abilities, and to be able to have a highly developed Third Eye.

I have realized that there are millions of people around the world who want to open their spiritual channels. Over the years I have learned sacred, ancient and new techniques to rapidly open the spiritual channels. Over the next few months I will share with you powerful techniques on how I opened my spiritual channels so you can begin to communicate with the Divine, your guides, angels, saints, buddhas and other high-level spiritual beings.

I have a question for each of you today. What would you like to learn about the spiritual channels? I’m creating some new and exciting ideas as part of the blog to help each of you learn how to open and develop your spiritual channels further. I would like each of you to make a stronger connection with the Divine.

I look forward to sharing my personal insights and experiences with each of you.

With love,
Master Francisco Quintero

Soul Wellness: Day 108 Celebrate the Change in Your Life & Receive a Soul Healing Blessing to Transform Your Life

It is September 5, 2013, and Labor Day just passed. I have the great honor to be with Dr. and Master Sha in Asilomar, California helping to lead the Divine Channel Training Retreat. This is a beautiful campground that is very close to my home town where I grew up. I’m happy to be here. We are quickly moving into the last quarter of 2013. So much change has happened in my life since I started the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

On March 9, 2011 I wrote my first posting for this series. I experienced deep healing and transformation by blogging my life experiences and soul journey. The soul healing miracle that occurred in my life was that my heart opened further to my friends and family, to all the students around the world, to humanity, and to all souls in all countless universes. I can’t thank my teacher enough for empowering my life with the power of soul.

Change can come spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in all aspects of your life. So much change has happened in my life and I was delighted to share some of that change with each of you. The soul journey can be a difficult journey so it was my heart’s desire to help others progress in their soul journey. Your stories have touched by heart. By sharing our stories, success and failures, we are able to connect heart to heart with each other.

I came to Dr. and Master Sha for healing, and have experienced the deepest and most profound life transformation. My deepest desire was to open my heart and soul. Master Sha took me on a journey that completely changed my life. Change is beautiful. Everything changes. Change is a Universal Law. Time is always changing. The seasons change. In order to create life transformation it is important to change. Change your life today by connecting more deeply with your heart and soul. Learn how to create soul healing miracles in your life by learning the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha.

I have learned by writing the 108 Days to Soul Wellness how to express my heart more fully. I learned how to work with others in a more loving and harmonious way, how to speak with others heart to heart, and transformed how I look at myself and my service to humanity. It is vital to always stay connected in every moment, and know when you get off track. You can change your life by connecting from the heart and soul. I hope each of you have transformed your life through the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

Today make a request for something that you will like to transform in your life by leaving a comment. I will send a Da Tao Soul Healing Blessing to transform your request.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco

Soul Wellness: Day 107 Soul Healing Miracles in Kazakhstan

Today I want to share my first experience spreading the teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha in Kazakhstan. I had a beautiful experience that touched my heart deeply. Master Sabine and I had the great honor to teach over fifty people about Soul Mind Body Medicine. My experience made me realize how important it is to spread the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha to as many people around the world. His teachings have brought healing and life transformation to millions of people worldwide.

In April 2013 we met a beautiful soul from Kazakhstan at the Tao Soul Healing and Enlightenment Retreat in London. This lady used the techniques of Soul Mind Body Medicine to heal herself. She explained her healing story in London and I realized that the golden key to healing is practice. She practiced daily for one to two hours to transform her serious health condition using Master Sha’s Soul Power Techniques. She practiced daily with the Divine Sacred Number Code 3396815, Weng Ar Hong, forgiveness practice, and more. Her story is inspiring and proof that one can heal with dedicated practice.

This beautiful soul invited Master Sabine and I to her country to teach her family, friends, coworkers and community. She was so excited and honored to be able to bring Master Sha’s teachings to her country. She has a strong feeling in her heart that humanity and the people of her country can benefit from his teachings. This touched my heart deeply. It made me realize that people need Dr. and Master Sha’s teachings all around the world. I have dedicated my life to spread Master Sha’s teachings because I have witnessed thousands of soul healing miracles occur in front of me. This is the greatest honor for my soul journey.

We arrived to Astana, Kazakhstan on Friday, August 2, 2013 at 5:45am. We had a six hour flight from Frankfurt to Astana, and another 3.5 hour drive from Astana to a city named Ekibustuz with a population of about 125,000. The drive was something I have never experienced before. We drove through green plains for miles and miles and miles with very little cities in between. We saw horses run freely through the green plains. We saw sheep and cows, with their babies also running freely. They crossed the highway just as if it was part of the green plain. There is so much land here that has not been touched by humanity.

We immediately checked into our hotel, and then were treated with some site seeing to the temples in the city. We saw a beautiful Russian Christian Orthodox Church, named Saint Seraphim. The priest was so kind to give us a little tour and history lesson. We then went to the local mosque. The spiritual leader of the mosque was also very welcoming and happy to have foreigners visit the mosque. He said normally only local people come, and that he was happy to see tourists here. We then returned to our hotel to rest for a few hours before we had our first soul healing evening.

We had fifty people attend our first soul healing evening in Kazakhstan, followed by a two day workshop. Their hearts where very open. The Kazakhs are very friendly and open minded people. Master Sabine and I taught them the Four Power Techniques, the scared mantra 3396815, and the forgiveness practice. It was incredible to see the people chant and learn how to invoke the power of this sacred mantra for healing. They were so full of gratitude for us coming to their country, and asked if we could return. It was so heart touching to receive their love and to see them embrace Master Sha’s teachings. I’m deeply grateful to Master Sha for preparing and teaching me personally, and for giving me the opportunity to spread his teachings. I do not have words for this great honor. I can only say thank you to my teacher.

One of the things that I learned on this trip on a deeper level is that humanity is ready for Master Sha’s teachings. They are yearning in their hearts for someone to show them the way to heal their souls. It touches my heart deeply of the deep desire of the beautiful soul that invited us to Kazakhstan to bring Master Sha’s teachings to her country. My experience in Kazakhstan showed me humanity is ready, and waiting to receive the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha.

One day I envision that many of Master Sha’s students will be spreading his teachings around the world to help others to become happier and healthier. I can share from my experience that this is one of the most beautiful things that you can do for humanity. This is one of the most beautiful things that you can do for your soul. This is one of the most beautiful ways that you can serve humanity. To touch the soul of another human being with the teachings of Master Sha is the most heart-touching experience that I have ever experienced in my life.

You can find a powerful practice on the Divine Sacred Code 3396815 on Day 77: A Powerful Mantra to Connect Your Soul to the Divine. You can apply this powerful mantra to heal, rejuvenate, prevent sickness, and transform every aspect of your life including relationships and finances. Today review the Divine Sacred Mantra 3396815 and make a request to transform your life. Experience the power of this sacred code to change your life today.

With the greatest love to you all,

Master Francisco