God is Present in My Life

I recall a beautiful practice that helped me to experience God in my daily life. In the very first workshop Master Sha had us chanting God’s Light to help open your Message Center and our spiritual channels. God’s Light is a wonderful mantra that pulls in divine light to your soul. As you chant this mantra you make a heart to heart connection with God’s heart. God’s love pours into your heart, to your organs, system, energy centers and every cell of your body. To practice using this divine mantra to heal and bless your soul, mind and body say: Dear soul, mind and body of God’s Light, I love you. Please fully open my Message Center and offer me a healing blessing for my entire soul, mind and body. I’m honored and appreciative. Thank you. Chant God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light…continuously for 15 minutes or more. The first time that I practiced this exercise I felt like I was being showered by God’s Light and that it was filling every cell of my body. I became God’s Light. I saw myself radiating beautiful golden light. This is a wonderful way to begin your spiritual journey to open your spiritual channels and also to receive a healing blessing for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. It is a wonderful way to experience God in your life.

How My Heart Opened

The second day of my first weekend workshop was one filled with great joy and happiness. I felt a tremendous blessing to be in the presence of Master Sha and all of the Buddhas, holy saints, healing angels he called in to be present with us during the workshop. Master Sha was teaching soul wisdom and how to open our Message Center, also known as the Heart Chakra. I remember he had us chanting the mantra San San Jiu Liu Ba Yao Woo as fast as could and at the same time tap the middle of our chest. We would also chant Open Message Center…Fully Open Message Center…over and over. It was quite an exhilarating experience. Master Sha has a big smile on his face as he chanted with us. I experienced a profound new experience that was completely new, a sensation of awe and being one with my soul. At the end of the practice Master Sha had us speak in soul language and when it was my turn spoke my soul language which sound new but familiar all at once. He had one of his advanced students translate my soul language and it translated to “I’m delighted to be here and to be given the privilege to open my heart.” The message touched my heart deeply and felt right for me. To this day I continue to remember that feeling and it brings me great joy now to be able to share it with others.