Soul Wellness: Day 108 Celebrate the Change in Your Life & Receive a Soul Healing Blessing to Transform Your Life

It is September 5, 2013, and Labor Day just passed. I have the great honor to be with Dr. and Master Sha in Asilomar, California helping to lead the Divine Channel Training Retreat. This is a beautiful campground that is very close to my home town where I grew up. I’m happy to be here. We are quickly moving into the last quarter of 2013. So much change has happened in my life since I started the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

On March 9, 2011 I wrote my first posting for this series. I experienced deep healing and transformation by blogging my life experiences and soul journey. The soul healing miracle that occurred in my life was that my heart opened further to my friends and family, to all the students around the world, to humanity, and to all souls in all countless universes. I can’t thank my teacher enough for empowering my life with the power of soul.

Change can come spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in all aspects of your life. So much change has happened in my life and I was delighted to share some of that change with each of you. The soul journey can be a difficult journey so it was my heart’s desire to help others progress in their soul journey. Your stories have touched by heart. By sharing our stories, success and failures, we are able to connect heart to heart with each other.

I came to Dr. and Master Sha for healing, and have experienced the deepest and most profound life transformation. My deepest desire was to open my heart and soul. Master Sha took me on a journey that completely changed my life. Change is beautiful. Everything changes. Change is a Universal Law. Time is always changing. The seasons change. In order to create life transformation it is important to change. Change your life today by connecting more deeply with your heart and soul. Learn how to create soul healing miracles in your life by learning the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha.

I have learned by writing the 108 Days to Soul Wellness how to express my heart more fully. I learned how to work with others in a more loving and harmonious way, how to speak with others heart to heart, and transformed how I look at myself and my service to humanity. It is vital to always stay connected in every moment, and know when you get off track. You can change your life by connecting from the heart and soul. I hope each of you have transformed your life through the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

Today make a request for something that you will like to transform in your life by leaving a comment. I will send a Da Tao Soul Healing Blessing to transform your request.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco

62 thoughts on “Soul Wellness: Day 108 Celebrate the Change in Your Life & Receive a Soul Healing Blessing to Transform Your Life

  1. Dear Master Francisco, I have loved your 108 days of Wellness blog very much. It has helped me a lot. Even yesterday I read your blog on how to open your heart to your spiritual teacher. I would like a blessing for that please. I want to feel deep love for Master Sha. Thank you so much for all your love for all the students and anyone you meet. You are a great example of how Master Sha can change our lives. love you.

    1. Dear Julia,

      Thank you. It was wonderful to see you in Australia. I’m sending you my love to Open Your Heart and Soul to Your Teacher. You are extremely blessed.

      Master Francisco

  2. Dearest Master Francisco,

    i am so grateful to have you as my spirtual teacher and Mentor, and i love you a lot!
    I love your 108 days of Wellness and have printed them out like a wonderful Book
    full of Love, Guidance and Practices.
    I would like a Blessing for passing spiritual Testings….to thank you is not enough
    Love you , Christine

    1. Dear Christine,

      I love you. I’m sending you my love to Pass Your Spiritual Testing. You are extremely blessed.

      Master Francisco

  3. Dear Master Francisco – thank you for your amazing, amazing dedication to Master Sha and to all of his students, when I am feeling overwhelmed I think of you and feel much calmer, and connected again, you are a beacon of light to many of us.

    Now that you have reached Day 108, I hope that you will continue to warm us with you insights and wisdom – I love you very much.

    I have tried a number of different ways to get a Soul Power Group happening with little result. I would love to have a group to meet with on a regular basis full of people who are dedicated to Master Sha’s teachings, as a matter of fact I would love 2, one in Launceston and one in Deloraine, which are 2 larger towns near where I live, I would be very grateful for a blessing to set up Soul Power Groups. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Love you, Love you, Love you

    1. Dear Kate,

      Thank you very much. I’m sending you my love now to Create a Powerful and Successful Soul Power Group in Your City.

      Master Francisco

  4. Dear Master Francisco,

    Thank you for giving your time and effort and your heart and soul in openness to write. We here often say to share is to serve. I like the way you write, it is deep, clear and to the point and always a nice personal flavor of your insights and physical and soul journey. By writing you have shown yourself and by this also helped me in my life.

    My personal wish is to balance my life and to change it in all levels for the better and for others. And maybe one day that I can BE that change inside to bring outer balance and be able to attract and
    celebrate a loving relationship.

    This is also where I would be most thankful for to receive the blessing.

    Love and Greetings from Holland,


  5. Dear Master Francisco, I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to meet you and for all the love, light and blessings you showered upon the students in Australia. You are a wonderful inspiring teacher and role model. I really really love you, honour you and appreciate you. Could you please offer me a blessing to become self employed. It is my greatest wish to work as a healer and colour therapist. Countless bowdowns. Love from Rosemarie

    1. Dear Rosemarie,

      I love you. I’m sending you my love to Transform to Become Self-Employed.

      Master Francisco

      1. Thank you Divine, Tao, Da Tao, Master Sha, Master Francisco. I love you all, I really really love you all. I can’t thank you enough, countless bow downs from your total GOLD servant, Rosemarie ❤

  6. Wow! Thank you Master Francisco, I love you and thank you for this very generous offer. I would like to make a request for a healing blessing for my lungs?

    My emotional body is much better, but there is something that is causing me to not breath as smoothly as normal. Countless bow downs, countless bow downs, countless bow downs…

    1. Dear Brenda,

      Thank you. I’m sending you my love and light to Transform Your Lungs and Emotional Body.

      Master Francisco

      1. Dear Master Francisco, I am very grateful for this huge blessing. I feel so much lighter overall and can see both white and golden light clearing my upper chest area. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a wonderful time in California 🙂


  8. Dear Master Francisco, I am so happy to have found your blog. Asilomar and Pacific Grove are some of my very favorite places, and I wish I could be there. Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely photo and your experiences. I first met you in San Francisco, approximately a year ago, and was deeply touched by your presence, your caring and sharing. You were so very helpful to me on a personal level, and I will always appreciate this kindness and the sharing of your gift. I am looking so forward to seeing you & learning from your teachings in San Francisco shortly. I would love a blessing to further open my spiritual channels so that I can more clearly receive and understand information from the Heavenly Realm, including the souls connected with the sacred crystals and other sacred objects that we match with their intended owners, via guidance, which is the basis of my business that provides Universal service through lightworkers. Thank you so very much. With heartfelt gratitude . . .

    1. Dear Sharon,

      I love you. Thank you for your words. I’m sending you my love to Open Your Spiritual Channels.

      Master Francisco

  9. I discouvered this blog only yesterday, and I am very interested in your experiences. So I hope I can read them still. You are a great example to me of dedication to mr Sha and the mission. I have learned allready a lot of you. Thank you for all that you have given. Plase give me a blessing to surrender more to mr Sha and the mission.

    1. Dear Dianne,

      I love you. I’m sending you my love to Transform Your Dedication to Your Teacher and the Mission.

      Master Francisco

  10. Dear Master Francisco

    Thank you so very much for your great love, compassion, teachings & blessings to all of us Australian students. I am SOOO VERY GRATEFUL for your kindness and generosity. It has changed me .. I can sing now. I loved your 108 Soul Wellness blog & have filed for practice & reference. Can I have a blessing to transform my analytical thoughts to thoughts of compassion for all. TY TY TY .. Love you Master Francisco _/\_

    1. Dear Ai Chin Khor,

      Thank you. It was nice to visit Australia. I’m sending you my love to Transform Your Analytical Thoughts to Thoughts of Compassion.

      Master Francisco

  11. Dear Master Francisco,
    Thank you for your wonderful blog and for sharing your deep wisdom, insights and experiences with all of us. I received so much transformation through your insights. I have seen your transformation too, I have felt your heart opened more, and I have experienced your help in so many ways the last few months and I can not thank you enough for all of that.
    Thank you for sharing your experiences with me and for being such a great example.
    Thank you for teaching me how to deal with my sensitivity, my fear, my blockages. All my life I have struggled with my sensitivity and it is because of your help, your teachings that I learn now how to deal with it, and even how to be grateful for it in stead of being afraid of it.
    All my life I was afraid of being so sensitive and for receiving a lot of information and I had no idea how to handle it. It is because of you that I now understand that I don’t need to be afraid, and I don’t need to close my heart and channels anymore, but that I need to be grateful for it, and open my heart and open my channels futher, Only if I learn to open it and to face my fear, I can use my sensitivity to serve others. This insight had already brought deep transformation, but I would be very grateful to receive a blessing to transform the fear of opening my heart and channels further, even if that means I become more sensitive. I now understand that I am blessed with this gift and that it could help me to serve, if I overcome this blockage. Thank you for guiding me and for teaching me.
    With love and gratitude, Barbara

    1. Dear Barbara,

      I’m very happy for you. I’m sending you my love to Transform Your Fear of Opening Your Spiritual Channels Further.

      Master Francisco

      1. Thank you dear Master Francisco! I can not thank you enough for this powerful blessing. I could feel the transformation instantly. I received the blessing before the Shi Fu workshop last weekend, where I was asked to do soulsongtranslation and even to do a flow in front of the group. There were huge blockages to do this, before, but now I was able to do it without any problem and the messages truly were so beautiful.
        I am so very grateful. I can not thank you and Da Tao enough for the blessing. It is so beautiful to be able to serve in this way now. TYTYTY LYLYLY
        With love,

  12. am reading you with great excitement and love and hardly find words to express how I feel.Despite my interest,financial lack has stopped or disrupted my attempt to be in touch.Wisy you all the best.

  13. Hello Master Francisco, thank you for your service for all souls. I would be honored to get a Da Tao blessing for transforming my fear to go out to teach and heal humanity with Master Sha´s precious Healing and Transmission System.
    Thank you so much and countless bow downs.
    With love and light

    1. Dear Aloka,

      Thank you. I’m sending you my love to Transform Your Fear to Teach Master Sha’s Soul Healing Techniques to Humanity.

      Master Francisco

  14. Dear Master Francisco, thank you so much for your total GOLD service to serve and offering blessings to each and every one of our request. I am so grateful and touched including your excellent Divine Healing Hands education. At this moment I would be honored to receive a Da Tao blessing to transform my finance and to bring success for the sale of my business shop lot (property only) in Malaysia. Thank you Divine, Thank you the Tao, Thank you Da Tao. Thank you Master Sha. Thank you Master Francisco.Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Countless bow downs. Love you. Love you. Love you.

  15. Dear Beloved Master Francisco,
    I love, honor and appreciate you beyond words.
    I would be deeply honored to receive a Da Tao Soul Healing Blessing to continue my Power of Soul teaching career at the college level, Bless my Soul Healing career and my Soul Reading career as I make the move back to Montana and wherever I travel to in the future to serve humanity.
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    I am so very Blessed.

    1. Dear Janine,

      Thank you. I’m sending you my love to Bless Your Soul Healing and Soul Reading Career.

      Master Francisco

  16. Thank you Master
    I have so appreciated you & the 108 email
    I read it on the beach at Asilomar which was even more added blessings this morning

  17. Dear Master Francisco
    I have followed your 108 Soul Wellness Days and the journey was inspiring in every possible way. Thank you for your unconditional love. I am starting my own business and I would be honored to receive a blessing for financial success, prosperity and fame and business success. With humility Brenda

  18. Dear master Francisco,
    You have helped me so much already on my heartopening journey. And I am so grateful for your help. I feel a very deep one these days: my fear of being criticised and rejected. I shut down when I am afraid of this and close my heart. Then I feel not seen, feel the grief and get angry about this. And when I open my heart it feels soooooo vulnerable. I think the fear is the deepest. Can you give me a blessing for my fear? I am very grateful, thank you!

    1. Dear Hilda,

      I love you. You have transformed so much and in a beautiful way. I’m sending you my love to transform your fear.

      Love and blessings,
      Master Francisco

  19. Dear Master Francisco. You are so dedicated to the mission, and total GOLD to Master Sha. You are a great example for me.You have given us wonderful iand inspiring teachings, and helped us a lot on our path.
    It would be great honor to receive a Da Tao Soul Hea;ing Blessing for my Spiritual Path.
    Thank yoy so much..

  20. Dear Master Francisco,
    I looooooove you. I really really love you. And the more I say that the more I feel like crying:-) I am delighted to ask for a blessing for me to create a powerful and successful soul power group here in Washington DC to serve our community and spread MSha’s teaching with joy and LPH. TYTYTYTY

    It was a delight to see you in CA and I look forward to the next time.

    Many hugs,
    Linda from Washington DC

  21. Dear Master Francisco, it was wonderful to be with you and the other Divine Channels at Asilomar recently. I’ve enjoyed your 108 Days blogs and have shared them, even given them out as handouts in classes over the past year or two. They are definitely ‘keepers.’

    Tonight I was with Master Sha in Palo Alto when he made an incredibly special offer to advance our soul journey. I contacted a loved one and the loved one refused to help me. I felt so sad because I knew the impact this could have on both our soul journeys. I spent the last hour or two of the evening crying and doing deep forgiveness practice.

    As I drove home I continued the forgiveness practice. I realized I need to let go of any attachment to receiving particular upliftment blessings and that the reason I cannot receive this particular one (for both me and my loved one) is because of my karma. Knowing this brought a much deeper level of compassion to my heart. I feel at peace again.

    Could you please offer a Da Tao Blessing to open my heart further and fill it with compassion. I would be extremely grateful.


    Love, peace, and harmony,
    Gloria K

      1. TY Master Francisco for your big love. I see this blog turning into a book some day (saw that as I wrote the message above). Big love to you to accomplish your task.

        Love, peace and harmony,
        Gloria K

  22. Thank you Master Francisco!
    My request is for financial blessings. I need to find employment that allows flexibility so I can continue to offer service.

    1. Dear Anne,

      I’m working on trying to create a book out of the 108 Days to Soul Wellness. It will be my dream. I will let everyone know if this will happen.

      Master Francisco

  23. Dear Master Franscisco,

    Thank you for this blog. It has helped me in my soul journey and i can’t wait for your new blog about opening spiritual channels. Could you please offer a blessing to my brother to help him find a great new job. I am so grateful.

    Love you,
    ~William Page

    1. Dear William,

      I’m happy to hear the blog has helped you. I’m sending my love and light to your brother to help him find a new job.

      I hope to meet you soon in Vancouver.

      Master Francisco

  24. Dear Master Francisco,
    It is true your heart has opened so much more. Thank you for being willing to be open will all students around the world about your experiences and transformation. This has helped me be able to share my deepest feelings and thoughts. You have inspired me to practice opening my heart more fully, to be more compassionate, kind and loving. I’m very grateful for you and all the Divine Channels, and for my spiritual father Dr. and Master Sha. I love you from the bottom of my heart

    1. Dear Jaylene,

      Thank you. It was great to see you in Asilomar. I’m sending you my love to open your heart further.

      Master Francisco

  25. Dear Master Francisco,
    thank you for all your love, your teachings, and your total GOLD. As you know, my desire to open my spiritual channels widely is huge. So I would appreciate very much to get a blessing for this. Thank you sooooo much
    WIth love and gratitude Brigitte

    1. Dear Brigitte,

      I send you my love to open your spiritual channels. Thank you for your Total GOLD.

      Master Francisco

  26. Dear Master Francisco
    Countless Bow-downs

    I deeply enjoy your Blog. I have learned so much and still learning. I love your purity, sincerity and humbleness when you speak and whenever you share your ‘Aha’ moments including the hard teachings. You are a great example to all of us.

    Dear Master Francisco please bless my soul journey. i am having big challenges to keep up with Divine channel Training. I do my practices and my heart and soul is totally devoted to Master Sha and want to serve in a big way as soon as possible. Please Share you insight and if possible a healing blessing regarding this issue.

    I cannot thank you enough
    With love and Gratitude

    1. Dear Avi,

      I send my love to your soul journey. Thank you for everything you have done for Master Sha, the Divine Mission, the Toronto Center, and everyone worldwide.

      Master Francisco

  27. Dear Master Francisco, I am very grateful to the Divine and you for your teaching and helping the Humanity to be happier and healthier. Also I am grateful to Dr Master Sha who put his whole life to be a servant of Humanity. My name is Loulla Skordi. Before one and the half year I found the rainbow healing ball video in the internet that touched my heart by singing my name. For me it was a sign from above to follow Dr Master Sha’s teaching. I tried many times to connect with Dr Master Sha’s website but I did not succeed.I am from Cyprus and now I visite my daughter in Ringwood NJ USA. Fortunately I found you Master Francisco and I am very glad and grateful I think this was the Divine time for me.
    I will be very honor to give me a blessing to be able to meet you and offer me a healing.
    Thank you thank you thank you

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