It is September 5, 2013, and Labor Day just passed. I have the great honor to be with Dr. and Master Sha in Asilomar, California helping to lead the Divine Channel Training Retreat. This is a beautiful campground that is very close to my home town where I grew up. I’m happy to be here. We are quickly moving into the last quarter of 2013. So much change has happened in my life since I started the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

On March 9, 2011 I wrote my first posting for this series. I experienced deep healing and transformation by blogging my life experiences and soul journey. The soul healing miracle that occurred in my life was that my heart opened further to my friends and family, to all the students around the world, to humanity, and to all souls in all countless universes. I can’t thank my teacher enough for empowering my life with the power of soul.

Change can come spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically in all aspects of your life. So much change has happened in my life and I was delighted to share some of that change with each of you. The soul journey can be a difficult journey so it was my heart’s desire to help others progress in their soul journey. Your stories have touched by heart. By sharing our stories, success and failures, we are able to connect heart to heart with each other.

I came to Dr. and Master Sha for healing, and have experienced the deepest and most profound life transformation. My deepest desire was to open my heart and soul. Master Sha took me on a journey that completely changed my life. Change is beautiful. Everything changes. Change is a Universal Law. Time is always changing. The seasons change. In order to create life transformation it is important to change. Change your life today by connecting more deeply with your heart and soul. Learn how to create soul healing miracles in your life by learning the teachings of Dr. and Master Sha.

I have learned by writing the 108 Days to Soul Wellness how to express my heart more fully. I learned how to work with others in a more loving and harmonious way, how to speak with others heart to heart, and transformed how I look at myself and my service to humanity. It is vital to always stay connected in every moment, and know when you get off track. You can change your life by connecting from the heart and soul. I hope each of you have transformed your life through the 108 Days to Soul Wellness.

Today make a request for something that you will like to transform in your life by leaving a comment. I will send a Da Tao Soul Healing Blessing to transform your request.

With love and blessings,

Master Francisco