What would you like to learn about the Spiritual Channels?

I have been on my spiritual journey for over twelve years now with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. One of the greatest soul healing miracles in my life is the opening and development of my spiritual channels. It is great honor to be able to use my spiritual channels to communicate with the Divine, with all my spiritual fathers and mothers, to have medical intuitive abilities, and to be able to have a highly developed Third Eye.

I have realized that there are millions of people around the world who want to open their spiritual channels. Over the years I have learned sacred, ancient and new techniques to rapidly open the spiritual channels. Over the next few months I will share with you powerful techniques on how I opened my spiritual channels so you can begin to communicate with the Divine, your guides, angels, saints, buddhas and other high-level spiritual beings.

I have a question for each of you today. What would you like to learn about the spiritual channels? I’m creating some new and exciting ideas as part of the blog to help each of you learn how to open and develop your spiritual channels further. I would like each of you to make a stronger connection with the Divine.

I look forward to sharing my personal insights and experiences with each of you.

With love,
Master Francisco Quintero

23 thoughts on “What would you like to learn about the Spiritual Channels?

    1. Thank you Shruti. I miss you! Healing self and others will definitely be part of the teachings.
      Master Francisco

  1. Dear Master Francisco,
    I am so glad that you are going to be focusing on this area. Even though I have always had an “open ear” to hear sacred messages, my biggest struggle has been being sure that I am hearing the message correctly. I am petrified of receiving and acting on incorrect messages or interpretation because like Master Sha teaches……one correct thought can take you to heaven and one wrong thought can land you in deep trouble. So I would appreciate teachings on transforming this conflict.

    Secondly, is there a way to do soul readings to ensure accurate messages each time. What are the best practices you use or have used to help you in your growth? I also find it difficult to get correct messages when I am in a hurry and must make a decision in a split second.

    Thank you thank you thank you.


    1. Thank you Linda. Developing the accuracy of the spiritual channels is very important. The best practices are those that purify the Message Center, and your soul, heart, mind and body. It will definitely be part of the teachings.
      Master Francisco

  2. Dear Master Francisco, I would love to have a more fully open spiritual channels to be able to connect with my Shi Fu’s, and have more of a flow with ease. I am a Divine Channel in Training and I am not sure if it is my connection I need to work on or practicing with opening my heart to receive these messages from the soul world. To be able to diagnose the body would be Divine, as I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and this would help my healing practice as well and I would be a better GOLD servant, any suggestions on how to open up to receive the information of a medical Intuitive would be wonderful. Is that gift related to the Third Eye Channel or is that Direct Knowing Channel?

    1. Dear Leila,

      I will share how I developed my medical intuitive abilities and much more. The best are the practices to open the Third Eye.

      Master Francisco

  3. Dear Master Francisco
    Ty Ty Ty for this post. We are so blessed with your unconditional service and love. CBD

    What would greatly assist me would be guidance in the most effective and powerful practices & techniques one can use for the purpose of opening spiritual Channels.
    Examples and “how to” steps to achieve this.

    Ty Ty Thank you.
    Sincere appreciation & gratitude


    1. Thank you Gavin. I love practical things so I plan to share all the practical techniques that I have learned.
      Master Francisco

  4. Another area of curiosity is what can we do when the Divine Pendulum stays quiet and refuses to give a response.

    Also what is the best way to do an accurate reading when there is an emotional attachment to the outcome like when it has to do with someone you love or even when the response will affect me personally. TYTYTYTY

    1. Dear Linda,

      Great questions. I will add to my list on things to teach over the next few months.

      Master Francisco

  5. Dear Master Francisco,

    What a powerful and purifying Divine Channel Training Retreat. Thank you for this opportunity to participate in your blog. I would like to know how to develop higher level soul communicator abilities to be a better servant. For example to interpret soul language and receive direct knowing messages. In friendship with love and gratitude.

    1. Dear Venier,

      Yes, the retreat was amazing. I will share the process of developing accuracy in the blog.

      Master Francisco

    1. Dear Diane,

      Yes, it’s possible for the channels to open and close, or become wider. We will work on those issues.

      Master Francisco

  6. Dear Beloved Master Francisco, in last few weeks I have renewed my commitment to further and further open my Spiritual Channels. In my nightly practices, I’ve found that between the hours 11pm to 6am are the best times that I can dedicate and be consistent, without the days distractions and other commitments, to do my xia lian, scared meditation and practices, though there have been some nights that I’ve missed in between, due to testing and blockages. Working on purifying these issues.

    So I will continue with my commitment to open and further open my Spiritual Channels as it is my greatest heart and soul’s desire to communicate with the Divine and my Spiritual Fathers and Mothers and Heaven and my own beloved Soul, for I can receive their guidance for I can further Purity and become a better Unconditional Servant.

    1. Dear Kristin,

      I am amazed at your dedicated practice. Keep up the good work. I will share the purification process that is needed to become a better universal servant.

      Master Francisco

  7. Dear Master Francisco, I want to learn about the truth. Sometimes like mediums see different images and it seems to me like this is the relative truth. Like the story of 5 people washing the elephant all held a part of the truth but not the ABSOLUTE truth. I am willing to learn about the truth and learn to perceive it will all my senses.

    1. Thank you Bianca. Good question. I will share how we can best and most accurately receive information from the soul world.
      Master Francisco

    1. Thank you Anne. It is very important to have clarity when doing soul communication. I will share my soul secrets of how I handle this.
      Master Francisco

  8. Dear Master Francisco
    I like you blog very much and I was moved by your sincere words. Continue serve master Sha and humanity!
    with love and blessings
    master Peter

  9. Dear Master Francisco, I am so happy you make this blog for Opening Spiritual Channels to share what practices are needed to further develop and purify our Spiritual Channels. Most of the time I was guided silently. I did not hear any thing or see any images. After a couple of minutes, automatically I will chant out a mantra I know. It was a wonderful feeling of calmness. After chanting I would take a couple of minutes to figure out what was the teaching I have learned. There have been several times, my eyes were opened and I saw things, mostly beautiful, bright light surrounding items or certain people or images that were not there. Is this external eye ability? Please share the secrets or wisdom whether there is external eye ability.I know Zu Qiao energy center but is there a relationship with eye ability? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Love you.

    1. Dear Audrey,

      Your experiences sound like you have your Third Eye open. Wonderful! I will share teachings on how to develop and work with your Third Eye further.

      Master Francisco

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