Soul Masters

Soul Masters Movie Trailer

Experience the tenderness, love and compassion of two Masters, who bring to humanity the awareness of the S-O-U-L. Both were compelled at a very young age to seek the road of healing, not only for themselves, but for all souls. This is what sets the two of these very powerful Masters apart in our culture today. Open your heart. Open your soul. Allow the blessings and so much more come through to touch you deeply through this documentary.

3 thoughts on “Soul Masters

  1. Dear Master Francisco,
    thank you very much for sharing this video with the Soul Masters Dr. Gou and Dr. Sha!
    That is what I was searching for my hole life long.
    I am ready now for everything!
    I am so blessed!
    Thank you so much!
    With Love, Franciska

    I am Bente from Norway I am so drawn to dr Sha and other SOULMASTERS. I have seen the film twice, and I get goosebumps. The dr Sha website inspires me Today I have been shanting along with Mr Sha, Mr Lusch and Mr Thomas
    I am not sure what pulls me so strongly, but I think it is the loving, selfless radiation from the masters, and their soul healing abilities. This goes beyond anything I have come across so far. I have been a spiritual travelor since I was 6. Now I am 64. My body is healthy. I am a yogateacher (I studeied Hatha yoga in india). I am also a body worker (therapist)
    I still need healing, for my emotional/mental part. I am looking forward to meet the master in Germany, and Master Sha in NL
    With love and gratitude from Norway

    1. Dear Bente,
      I am happy to hear you have received Master Sha´s teachings in Norway. I look forward to meeting you in October when Master Sha is in the Netherlands.
      Love and light,
      Master Francisco

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