Day 1 First Visit to India

We arrived to Delhi, India at about 3:00 am from a long voyage from Denver, Colorado. I slept most of the way because we just completed the 10-day Tao Retreat. Immediately upon landing Sande Zeig began filming our journey in India. She filmed us getting off the airplane and going through immigration. Take a look at the video and you will notice these large hands in mudra positions. It was quite a busy and beautiful new airport in Delhi. Anna, Paramjit, Neerad and Mohit welcomed us to India with beautiful flowers for everyone. We arrived with Master Sha, Marilyn, Patricia, Sande, Rulin, Shanti and I. Gudrun joined us at the hotel a few hours earlier.

After a few hours of sleep…I went shopping for some Indian clothes. I spend the afternoon with Master Sha shopping for some traditional Indian clothing. You will get to see these soon on the webcasts.

Everyone warned me not to try street food, but I had to have some. I had baked yams with black salt and some spices. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

This was an exciting introduction to India. I can’t wait until tomorrow when we get to go see a very famous guru in India.

What are Divine Soul Downloads?

One of the most powerful ways to develop your soul power is through Divine Soul Downloads. I want to spend some time here talking about the power and significance of Divine Soul Downloads because they are a big part of Master Sha’s teachings and mission. Master Sha is a divine servant who offers Divine Soul Downloads to humanity, to relationships, to homes, to businesses, to pets, to cities and much more. So what are Divine Soul Downloads? Divine Soul Downloads are new souls created from the heart of the Divine. They are permanent treasures that can be used to bring about healing, blessing, rejuvenation and life transformation. Divine Soul Downloads can be received for all aspects of your life.

For example, if you have liver problems you can receive a Divine Soul Download for your liver. The new soul of your liver comes with divine frequency, divine love, divine light, divine compassion and much more. The new liver soul can help you to heal and to remove spiritual, mind and body blockages. Another example is that you can receive a Divine Soul Download for condition such as hypertension. This new soul has all the divine qualities that will help you to heal from hypertension. Divine Soul Downloads can be received for any aspect of life including physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. One of the remarkable things that Master Sha is now doing is offering these new souls in his Soul Power Series. You can receive Divine Soul Downloads by reading Soul Wisdom, Soul Communication and The Power of Soul. This is a great honor because healing, blessing and life transformation is now possible to all of humanity. More to follow…

The Power of Soul Book Study

The Power of Soul is an extraordinary book in which Master and Dr. Zhi Gang Sha reveals ancient and sacred wisdom, as well as soul secrets to transform all aspects of life. Master Sha reveals one sentence soul secrets in this book that are invaluable for healing, rejuvenation, transformation and enlightenment.

Who is Master Zhi Gang Sha? For those of you who do not know Master Zhi Gang Sha he is a spiritual leader of unconditional universal service. He is a inspiring teacher and servant of humanity. He is an M.D. from China and has practiced in other traditions such as I Ching, kung fu and feng shui. What makes him special is that he has revealed all of the ancient secrets and has simplified this knowledge so that all of humanity can understand them. He calls them “one sentence soul secrets.”

I first met Master Zhi Gang Sha when I became ill with high blood pressure at the age of 28 and looked for alternative ways of healing. I applied his simple and practical techniques for healing and had remarkable results. I have since then become his student of seven years and am one of his Certified Assistant Teachers.

Every week I will share a few sections of each chapter and elaborate on the practices and wisdom presented in The Power of Soul. I welcome you to share and ask questions in order to deepen your understanding of the secrets, wisdom and knowledge offered in this most remarkable and powerful book.

With love and blessings,

Francisco Quintero

The Hero Condition

One of the most powerful and simple methods of receiving healing blessings while you are meditating is to enter into what Master Sha calls the hero condition. The hero condition is when you become the mantra that you are chanting. If you are chanting the Medicine Buddha’s name, you become the Medicine Buddha. Your entire being becomes the Medicine Buddha. You visualize yourself radiating the beautiful lapis blue color and you are serving humanity. If you are chanting God’s Light, you visualize yourself as this God’s Light that is radiating out to humanity. Entering into the hero condition allows you to connect to the Divine, the higher saints, and to all souls. It allows you to radiate divine light. It allows you to become divine. Try this practice the next time you chant a mantra and notice the difference when you are in the hero condition and when you are not. This is an important part of your spiritual practice because it allows you to expand your consciousness and to embody divine love and light.