Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 11 How to Stop Negative Thoughts

“People deal too much with negative, with what is wrong. Why not try and see positive things, to just touch those things and make them bloom?” ~Thich Nhat Hanh



How to Stop Negative Thoughts


Over the past two years I have had to learn how to be consciously aware of what I am thinking. Every moment to reflect if I had a positive thought or a negative thought. I have learned that our thoughts can create good karma to heal, and bless another soul´s life, and that our thoughts can also create bad karma to hurt or harm another soul.


How can you tell if you are creating karma with your mind?


If what you think is helping others to become happier and healthier you are creating good karma.


If what you think is hurt or harming another soul you are creating negative karma.


In our soul journey we need to develop awareness of what we are thinking at all times in order to align our heart and mind with the Divine and Tao.


Very often when people have challenges in life they tend to focus on the negative. They only see the negative side of things. If you focus on the negative it will lead to complaining, gossiping, negative thinking and more which will lead to creating new negative karma. We want to avoid creating new negative karma because it will block all aspects of our life.


The more negative you are the more negative karma that you will create and the heavier that your challenges will become. Your negativity feeds your challenges and blockages. It’s like digging your own hole. The more you feed your challenges with negativity, the more difficult that your challenges will become. In order to lead a happier and healthier life you must remove your negativity.


How do you transform negative thoughts?


The golden key is instant forgiveness. Instant forgiveness helps to prevent the creation of new negative karma. Instant forgiveness will bring divine light to your soul, heart, mind and body to help you transform any karma that is affecting you. Instant forgiveness is healing.


What is instant forgiveness? The moment that you are aware you have had a negative thought, as for forgiveness. You can say for example:


Dear The Source,

Dear the Tao,

Dear the Divine,

Dear all my spiritual fathers and mothers in heaven,

Please forgive me for having a negative thought about _________________ (state your negative thought).

I sincerely apologize for any hurt or harm I may have caused in this life and past-lives.

I ask for sincere forgiveness.

Thank you.


You can do this silently or aloud. The important thing is to ask for forgiveness with sincerity. Sincerity moves heaven. Sincere apology can quickly self-clear your negative karma. At the end of your forgiveness it is also important to show your gratitude and appreciation.


The key to instant forgiveness is to do it immediately when you become aware. If you had a negative thought and you forget or ignore to do instant forgiveness you have the possibility of creating new negative karma. Develop your awareness of your mind and pay attention on an ongoing basis what you are thinking.


There is an ancient teaching that says to check yourself three times a day to see if you have hurt or harmed another soul with your speech, actions, or thoughts. You can apply this daily and do a forgiveness practice daily to prevent the creation of new negative karma. This will help you beyond words in developing your soul journey and helping you to heal and transform the challenges in your life.


Today practice observe your thoughts and begin to practice instant forgiveness. Instant forgiveness is not something that you do one time, it is a life time practice.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco