21 Days of Self-Love: Day 8 How to Feel with Your Spiritual Heart

“A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.” ~Mother Teresa


Welcome to Day 8

How to Feel with Your Spiritual Heart


In order to love ourselves more fully and unconditionally it is important that we open our hearts and be honest with ourselves. We need to be honest with how we truly feel, honest with our emotions, and honest about what we are thinking. Honesty is important because it will help us to take the next step in our healing and transformation.


Over the past few years I have noticed for myself that at times when I had struggles in my soul journey, heavy spiritual testing, when I did not pay attention to how I was feeling, what my emotions or mind where telling me it always suffered much more. If I stopped to feel with my heart what was going on in my life, and what was going on inside of me I was empowered to make changes in my life. I was empowered to grow, to open my heart more, and to love myself more fully.


How can you love yourself? Connect with yourself through your spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is the Message Center (also known as the heart chakra). The spiritual heart is the center of love and forgiveness. It is the center of transformation. By learning to feel with your spiritual heart you can connect with yourself allowing you to life a more authentic life.


I will now lead you through a Soul Guided Meditation to open and develop your spiritual heart. The meditation will help you to feel and discover what is truly going on in your life, and allow you to heal and transform your blockages with unconditional love and unconditional forgiveness.


Listen now to Feeling with Your Spiritual Heart: Soul Guided Meditation.


Today listen to the Feeling Your Spiritual Heart: Soul Guided Meditation, and write down your feelings and experiences. Also, remember to continue looking for the new things in your life and appreciate them more. I love you.


I also want to thank Brenda Liew who took the picture of today’s beautiful white flower.  Thank you Brenda. If anyone else has any pictures of white flowers please let me know. I love you all.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco