The Sacred Art of Ancient Calligraphy – Unique Form of Calligraphy from Professional Never Released

“Practical, useful information and techniques for putting the body´s natural abilities to work on healing – a wonderful contribution.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer



Unique Form of Calligraphy from Professional Never Released



This week I have been with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha at the Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Training in Egmond aan Zee in the Netherlands. I have had the honor to learn how to draw sacred calligraphy that carries powerful frequency and vibration to heal and transform all life.


Over one hundred students throughout Europe are present learning how to learn a very ancient technique of calligraphy. We are learning a very unique form of calligraphy from a professional that has never been released before. This rare form of calligraphy we are learning comes from a professor with unique background.


One of the key exponents of the cursive, or flowing, style of Chinese calligraphy is Professor Lee Qiu Yun, a woman scholar of great distinction who now resides in Toronto and is more than 100 years old. Born and growing up in the Forbidden City of Peking, she was schooled in a unique form of one-stroke calligraphy called Yi Bi Zi (pronounced ee bee dz) by Tai Shi, preceptor to Puyi, the last emperor of China. So refined is this calligraphic art that until recently, she had been the only person ever to qualify as lineage holder and be appointed to carry on this powerful form.

– Diana Gold Holland, Experience Sacred and Joyous Ling Guang Calligraphy


You can learn more about Tao Soul Light Calligraphy in this beautiful article I found written by Diana Gold Holland titled Experience Sacred and Joyous Ling Guang Calligraphy. This article truly shows the depth of wisdom and knowledge that Professor Lee, and Master Sha are sharing with humanity.


Miracles are happening everyday around the world with these sacred calligraphies. They carry the greatest love, which melts all blockages. They carry the greatest forgiveness, which brings peace and inner joy. They carry the greatest compassion, which boost energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity. They carry the greatest light, which heals and transforms all life including health, relationships, intelligence, finances and more.


You have the power to create your own soul healing miracle with the Tao Soul Light Calligraphies. I will guide you each day for the next few weeks how you can apply them to transform your life.


Please see the heart-touching video about the Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Training. If you ever get the opportunity to learn about this sacred art form I believe in my heart you will truly enjoy it and feel it´s power.


I love you all. I thank you all.


With love,

Master Francisco



Create New Possibilities in Your Life: Day 8 Create an Action Plan from the Heart and Soul

“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart.” ~Gary Zukav



Create an Action Plan from the Heart and Soul


In order to manifest and create new possibilities in your life it is important that your goals, that your actions come from the heart. To come from deep within the soul. You will be happier and healthier, and moving forward in your soul journey when you manifest your heart and soul´s desire.


How do you create an action from the heart and soul?


It is first important to connect with your heart. The heart is the golden key. The heart is the communicator between the soul and mind. It connects and bridges the two together so they can be in alignment. It puts things into action. Feel within your heart and ask “What do I want to create in my life?”


How can you tell if it came from your heart very easily? Repeat aloud what you want to create, and notice how you feel. If you feel love and happiness when you say those words it probably is coming from the heart. If you feel your Message Center, also known as the heart chakra, open and wide it can also mean that it came from your heart and soul. If you had an unpleasant emotion or feeling that came up when you repeated those words aloud it probably came from your mind.


The next step after you have discovered or determined what you want to create is to find out why. The why, is the purpose for creating something new in your life. Feel with your heart and ask “Why do I want to create __________ (list specific thing you want to create)?” Is the purpose of creating and manifesting something new to help you be healthier, or maybe happier, to have greater financial abundance, to spend more time with your family, or will it help you to serve humanity in a more powerful way.


The highest purpose is to serve. To serve others. To make others happier and healthier. As you are creating and manifesting new possibilities always keep this in mind. For it will help you to grow and develop in your soul journey.


The last step is to identify the how. The how part is all the action items that you need to do in order to create something new. Feel your heart and ask “How can I create __________ (list specific thing you want to create)?” This are your steps needed in order to begin the process of manifestation.


To help each of you create your own action plan from the heart and soul I created a soul guided meditation. As you are listening to the soul guided meditation record your responses in your journal to document your action plan.


Listen now to How to Create Your Action Plan from the Heart and Soul


Love you. Love you. Love you.


With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero



Soul Wellness: Day 10 Let the Sun Shine

Spring time has arrived early in Frankfurt, Germany this year. The Sun has been shining very beautifully. It feels so good to go outside to enjoy the Sun. People look happier and healthier.

The children have radiant smiles as they are out playing in the Spielplatz (playground). The restaurants and cafes are bringing out the outdoor tables and chairs. The European charm of outdoor cafes is back after a winter break.

Yesterday a dear friend of my came from Toronto where it has been very cold this winter and snowing a lot. We had lunch and as we were walking to the Love Peace Harmony Institute we stopped for some coffee.

The café had an outdoor patio and the Sun was shining. As he was ordering he glanced behind him and saw the radiant Sun shining. He had a joyful look on his face and was very happy to see the Sun shining. The sunshine brought him happiness. It was great to see his expression of joy.

The Sun has amazing healing qualities. It helps our soul to expand and shine brighter. The Sun can help you to create a Soul Healing Miracle in your life. The souls of our organs, systems and cells of our body also expand and shine brighter. This is why we feel better when the Sun is shining.

We have the power to feel this way everyday all year long.

How do we do it?

Ask the soul of the Sun to shine inside your body. The soul of the Sun is an Unconditional Universal Servant. It is available to us 24 hours a day all year long (even in the winter). Here is how you can receive a blessing from the Sun.

First, sit up straight and relax.

Place your hands in your lower abdomen. Now say, “Dear soul, mind and body of the Sun, I love you. Thank you for supporting my life. I’m so honored and appreciative. Please offer a blessing to my whole body to be happier and healthier. Thank you.” Chant sunlight, sunlight, sunlight, sunlight, sunlight for 10-15 minutes are longer. The longer you chant the better.

Visualize the Sun in your lower abdomen. Your Body Soul is radiant and filled with light. Visualize that every organ and cell of your body is radiating light. All your souls are happy and filled with joy. This practice is very powerful especially when you are feeling sad or depressed.

Today do the practice with the Sun and write down your experience in your journal. Let the SUN SHINE!!!

With the greatest love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero