The Sacred Art of Ancient Calligraphy – Never Before Revealed Calligraphy to Heal Your Pain

“We, the human race, need more of Zhi Gang Sha.” ~Dr. Maya Angelou



Never Before Revealed Calligraphy to Heal Your Pain


I have had the great honor and privilege to be a student and disciple of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. I have studied his soul healing techniques now for over thirteen years. One of the greatest things I have observed are the soul miracles that happen all the time. The miracles that have happened have opened my heart, and fully convinced me of the power of Master Sha´s teachings.


Last week I was in London and in front of all the Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers, a new student came to our event walking with great difficulty because of knee pain. She received a Divine Karma Cleansing for her knees. Instantly in front of our eyes she experienced great relief and over 90% pain relieve. She was walking and had a glowing look on her face. The look on this new students face was one of great relief and joy.


How did this happen? How is this even possible?


Master Sha´s teachings at times are difficult to understand and believe, but seeing and experiencing is believing. He is constantly improving on himself, and connecting with heaven to bring to humanity the highest healing power. He has now released Tao Soul Light Calligraphy to bring healing and transformation to all life.


Tao Soul Light Calligraphy is sacred and ancient calligraphy that contains within it the Source Field with very high frequency and vibration that we can connect with to heal pain, all sickness, and all life challenges.


I have seen miracles happen around the world in front of me. The Tao Soul Light Calligraphies have never before been released to humanity. It is the first time in history that these incredible calligraphies have been brought to humanity that carry within them healing power.


Over the next few weeks I will share with what are the Tao Soul Light Calligraphies, how to apply them for healing, and transforming all life, and soul healing miracle stories.


See below a powerful soul healing miracle story from a young man who experienced back pain relief. Millions around the world are experiencing similar miracle stories.


You have the power to create your own soul healing miracle story with Tao Soul Light Calligraphy.


Master Sha has just landed in Europe. He will be created powerful Tao Soul Light Calligraphies to bring healing, life transformation, and love peace and harmony to humanity. Do not miss the oppotunity to learn more in the coming weeks at one of his upcoming events. Go to to learn more about his events.


The Tao Soul Light Calligraphy Retreat in Europe begins October 14-19, 2015. Learn how you can create your own soul healing miracle, and more. I love you all. I invite you all to be with my spiritual father and teacher for an incredible time.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero




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