“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.” ~Swami Sivananda



Divine Healing Hands Blessing for Inspiration from the Heart


Over the past few weeks I had the great honor to travel to Toronto, Ontario; Boca Raton, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Mumbai, India; and Delhi, India. I thank all the beautiful souls I met and supported me. I realized in my travels that in order to create something you need to be inspired from the heart. It is heart inspiration that carries the power to create something that can bring healing and life transformation.


Heart inspiration is the joy, the excitement, the creativity, and energy that is needed in order to create new possibilities in your life. Heart inspiration is something that comes from the heart and soul. It is something that puts a smile on your face. You will recognize because you will have fun and excitement and you will be motivated to create something new in your life.


Today I will offer a Divine Healing Hands Blessing for Inspiration from the Heart to help each of you open your heart and soul to bring out your inspiration.


I send you all my love and light.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero