“Love melts all blockages.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha



Love is the Golden Key


The golden key to creation is love. In order to create something new in your life you need to fill the space of your new creation with love. Love holds that object or thing. Love embraces and nourishes the soul of that which you want to create. Love is the power of creation.


Love every part of your body. Love every organ. Love every cell. Love your hair, love your eyes, and love your skin. Love, honor and respect your physical divine temple.


Love your mind. Release old negative patterns, negative self-talk. You are worthy of giving and receiving love. You are worthy of creating something new in your life. To create new possibilities in your life, love yourself first. This love will radiate from your heart and create something new in your life.


Love your soul and heart. Your soul is beautiful. It is a golden light being, like a baby golden Buddha. It is waiting to shine it´s light, it´s radiance. Your soul wants to love. Your heart wants to shine all the qualities of love, compassion, forgiveness and light. All souls. Everyone receives this beautiful qualities. Love will help you to create something new.


Today, spent a few minutes to love yourself. Tell yourself “I am a beautiful radiant soul full of love.” Chant “Love melts all blockages.” Chant it from the heart. Chant it like you truly mean it. Chant for as long as you can. Your heart will open and love will begin to radiate out and help you create something new


I love you all.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero