“Divine Healing Hands carry divine frequency and vibration with divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light, which remove soul, mind and body blockages from every aspect of life.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha



Divine Healing Hands Blessing for Manifestation


I had a beautiful weekend this week in London at the London Wellbeing Festival. Our beautiful London group is growing and growing. Many people came to our stand and received Divine Healing Hands Blessings for health, relationships, finances and more. It was so nice to meet so many new people.


We also helped to create four new Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers for humanity. I congratulate them all. It is such an honor and privilege to receive Divine Healing Hands.


We are always in the state of creation and manifestation if we are connected to our hearts and souls, if we care connected to the Divine and Tao. This weekend we created soul healing miracle experiences for others to help spread Master Sha´s teachings in London and throughout the U.K. My soul was very happy to create and manifest.


Today I will offer everyone who is following the blog series of Create New Possibilities in Your Life a Divine Healing Hands Blessing to manifest the thing that you want to create in your life. Relax and enjoy the blessing.


Receive your Divine Healing Hands Blessing for Manifestation


I send each of you my love and light.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero