“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” ~Washington Irving



How to Purify Your Soul Heart Mind and Body


In order to create something new in your life sometimes you need to purify your soul heart mind and body blockages that are preventing you from welcoming something new in your life.


Soul heart mind body blockages are like pollution inside the body. Everyone needs to clear the pollution in order to welcome the guest. The guest being the new creation in your life.


What are soul heart mind and body blockages?


Soul and heart blockages are negative karma. Actions which have caused harm to others. We could have for example blocked others from creating new things in their life, or preventing others from accomplishing their goals.


Mind blockages are negative mind-sets, negative attitudes, negative beliefs, ego, attachments and more. We can for example have a negative belief that we are not good in business. This can block you from starting a new business.


Body blockages are energy and matter blockages. This can block our energy that we need to create and manifest something new in our life.


How to we purify our soul heart mind and body?


We need to chant and ask for forgiveness. Chanting and forgiveness practice help to clear the pollution within our soul heart mind and body. They help to uplift the heavy feeling inside our hearts that is blocking our soul from growing and expanding. Chanting and forgiveness practice our healing and life transforming.


To help each of you in learning how to do chanting and forgiveness practice I created a new podcast today to guide each of you.


Chant with me.


Practice with me.


Create new possibilities in your life with me.


Listen now to How to Purify the Soul Heart Mind and Body podcast (click here).


I love you. I send you all my greatest love.


With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero