Create New Possibilities in Your Life: Day 8 Create an Action Plan from the Heart and Soul

“You cannot find your soul with your mind, you must use your heart.” ~Gary Zukav



Create an Action Plan from the Heart and Soul


In order to manifest and create new possibilities in your life it is important that your goals, that your actions come from the heart. To come from deep within the soul. You will be happier and healthier, and moving forward in your soul journey when you manifest your heart and soul´s desire.


How do you create an action from the heart and soul?


It is first important to connect with your heart. The heart is the golden key. The heart is the communicator between the soul and mind. It connects and bridges the two together so they can be in alignment. It puts things into action. Feel within your heart and ask “What do I want to create in my life?”


How can you tell if it came from your heart very easily? Repeat aloud what you want to create, and notice how you feel. If you feel love and happiness when you say those words it probably is coming from the heart. If you feel your Message Center, also known as the heart chakra, open and wide it can also mean that it came from your heart and soul. If you had an unpleasant emotion or feeling that came up when you repeated those words aloud it probably came from your mind.


The next step after you have discovered or determined what you want to create is to find out why. The why, is the purpose for creating something new in your life. Feel with your heart and ask “Why do I want to create __________ (list specific thing you want to create)?” Is the purpose of creating and manifesting something new to help you be healthier, or maybe happier, to have greater financial abundance, to spend more time with your family, or will it help you to serve humanity in a more powerful way.


The highest purpose is to serve. To serve others. To make others happier and healthier. As you are creating and manifesting new possibilities always keep this in mind. For it will help you to grow and develop in your soul journey.


The last step is to identify the how. The how part is all the action items that you need to do in order to create something new. Feel your heart and ask “How can I create __________ (list specific thing you want to create)?” This are your steps needed in order to begin the process of manifestation.


To help each of you create your own action plan from the heart and soul I created a soul guided meditation. As you are listening to the soul guided meditation record your responses in your journal to document your action plan.


Listen now to How to Create Your Action Plan from the Heart and Soul


Love you. Love you. Love you.


With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero



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