How to Open Your Third Eye

Dear Friends,

I am excited that Master Sha will be having an Open Spiritual Channels workshop this April 9-13. Master Sha has helped me to open my spiritual channels very quickly with his powerful practices, and blessings. Today I wanted to share with each of you a practice that I enjoy that will help to open your Third Eye.

Listen now: Open Third Eye Meditation

With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero

5 thoughts on “How to Open Your Third Eye

  1. Dearest Master Francisco!That was the most amazing opening of the 3rd eye practice!!!!!!!!! It’s spectacular and I enjoyed it very much!!!!!!!!! I will do this practice faithfully until my 3rd eye will be fully opened. TY! TY! TY!; CBD’s CBD’s CBD’sWith my greatest love and gratitude!!!!!!!!Melalilia

    1. Thank you Melalilia for sharing. I send you blessings to help you further open your Third Eye.
      Love and light,
      Master Francisco

  2. Thank you Master Fransisco for this powerful practice to open our third eyes. My kundalini feels warm and whole spinal colum and brain are tingling after this practice. Thank you, Love you:)

  3. Dear Master Francisco, it was a beautiful practice and I am very glad with the dragon. I felt and saw him very well. I will repeat this practice many times. Together with the Tian Yan Calligraphy it will help sure to open my third eye further. Thank you so much, Dianne

    1. Thank you Dianne for sharing your experience. It is beautiful to see how you are using the Tao Soul Light Calligraphy.
      love and light,
      Master Francisco

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