“Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha   Welcome How to Pass Spiritual Testing   I have been on the spiritual journey for over twelve en years now and have passed many spiritual tests. To pass your spiritual testing is like being on top of the Himalayan mountains. You feel free. You feel closer to the Divine. You feel closer to the Tao. Spiritual testing allows healing and transformation to take place at a very deep level. It allows you to purify your soul, heart, mind and body so that your soul can be uplifted in heaven.   Spiritual testing may hit you like a big ocean wave, and sometimes it hits you like a big wave after another big wave. It appears to never end, but just like the sea there are periods of peace and silence. In my spiritual journey I have learned five golden keys that have helped me to pass my spiritual tests. I want to share my golden keys with each of you to help you pass your spiritual testing.   Why do we go through the pain of spiritual testing? We go through spiritual tests in order to free our soul. Spiritual testing allows us to purify our soul in order to return to the heart of the Divine. To reach the Divine Realm, to return to the heart of the Divine is not a simple journey at all, but it is one that I believe you can reach if you open your heart to your spiritual teachers so they can help you pass your tests.   In today´s BlogTalkRadio show I share with each of you some tools, keys and tips that I have learned on the way on how to pass spiritual testing. I wish you all success in passing your spiritual testing.   Listen now to How to Pass Spiritual Testing podcast.   I send you my love, and light to help each of you at this time.   With love and blessings, Master Francisco Quintero