“You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha



Trust! The Key to Your Spiritual Journey


In order to transform your soul journey it is important to trust and believe in yourself, your spiritual fathers and mothers, the Divine and Tao. You create doubt and other negative thinking about yourself when you do not trust and believe. If you do not believe in yourself you create space for questioning all aspects of your life that can lead you to get lost in your spiritual and physical journey. In order to be happier, healthier, and successful in your life it is important to believe in yourself.


A golden key that can transform your spiritual journey is trust. I have learned that this is a very important key because it has helped to bless my spiritual journey with love and light. Trust has been the key to allow me to grow and to become stronger in my commitment to serve humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. Trust has helped me to stay connected to the Divine.


In the spiritual journey it is important to have trust to your spiritual teacher and the Divine. A true spiritual teacher will help you to climb the stairs of heaven. You must have trust to your teacher in order for him or her to help you climb those stairs, even when you do not fully understand. You must have trust that your teacher will guide and support you so that you are always growing. You must have trust that the Divine will always bless, support, and guide you so that you pass all your spiritual tests, and purify your soul, heart, and mind and body so that you climb the stairs of heaven. The key to remember is that trust to your spiritual teacher represents trust to the Divine.


Close your eyes right now. Check within yourself how much you trust your spiritual teacher. Say “Dear my soul, mind, heart and body, I love you. How much to you trust your spiritual teacher?” Listen to the answer with your heart. At the end say “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” You can also bow your head gently nine times to show your appreciation. If you do not have a spiritual teacher and you can also check to see if you trust the Divine, Tao, or Source. At the end show your gratitude and appreciation.


If you have not reached a level of total trust it important to continue to purify and transform so that you can have a total trust. You will be blessed in all aspects of your life when you reach a state of total trust to your spiritual teacher and the Divine. Below is a short and powerful practice that you can do to help transform your trust blockages so that you reach the level of total trust to your spiritual teacher and the Divine.


Believing in yourself is also a golden key for your soul journey. It will help you to connect to the Divine more deeply, to pass your spiritual testing, to open your heart to unconditional love, and to allow yourself to receive blessings from heaven. Believing in yourself is a golden key for life.


The words of my spiritual teacher and father, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, are “I trust in you and believe that you can do it.” His trust in me has empowered me to grow and believe in my spiritual journey and myself. I can’t thank him enough for his words of wisdom that have transformed my life.


Master Sha believes in all his Worldwide Representatives, all his students, and all of humanity. He believes that we have the power to heal ourselves. He believes we can transform every aspect of our life. He believes that we can become Unconditional Universal Servants. Master Sha sees our fullest potential.


Believe that you can heal. Believe that you are a beautiful radiant soul. Believe that you are doing a good job. Believe that you are not alone in your spiritual journey. Believe that the Divine will assist you in the best way possible that will allow you to grow and expand your soul. Divine is holding your hand at all times even when you do not believe he is. We must change our doubt and negative thinking and believe the Divine is always with us.


Believing in yourself will help you to get back on track when you have a temporary fall. I’ve had big and small falls in my spiritual journey, so I strongly believe that we can always get back on track.


I created a short and sweet 5 Minute Mediation for Developing Trust to help you connect to your soul, and to transform the blockages preventing you from having trust in your soul journey. It will help you to connect to the Divine and to unconditional love. Love melts all blockages.


5 Minute Meditation for Developing Trust


Today listen to the 5-minute mediation and allow your heart to open to your spiritual journey. Love you. Love you. Love you.


With love and appreciation,

Master Francisco Quintero