Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 16 Blessing from Master Sha for Your Soul Journey

“The physical journey is to serve the soul journey.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha



Blessing from Master Sha for Your Soul Journey


Today I am happy to share with each of you a Tao Soul to Bless Your Spiritual Journey by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Experience his love and light through this powerful soul song that can transform your life.


As you listen to this powerful blessing close your eyes. When Master Sha sings a Tao Song he is connecting with the Source, and all of heaven to bless you. He is serving your soul journey be offering the greatest love, greatest forgiveness, greatest compassion and greatest light that radiates through his Tao Song.


Listen to his Tao Song not only once, but as often as you can to help you move forward in your spiritual journey. Anytime you feel blocked in your journey come back and listen again and again to remove blockages in your soul journey. We are so blessed to have Master Sha bless our journey.


I love you all.


With love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero