“Purifying the heart is the key for all spiritual practices.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha



Enlighten Your Heart to See Your True Self


Millions of people around the world are searching for their true self. They are seeking to find practices, techniques, healing to help discover and be their authentic self.

Our true self carries the Tao qualities of love, forgiveness, compassion, and light. It is deeply connected to the Divine and Tao. It is the spark of Divine and Tao within us.


How do we see our true self?


To see our true self we need to purify our heart.


Purifying and opening the heart is the key for seeing your true self and allowing it to shine.


Dr. and Master Sha has shared with humanity powerful mantra to help us purify our heart in order to see our true self. This mantra is ming xin jian xing, which means enlighten your hear to see you yuan shen. Yuan Shen is Tao, is the divine within you. It is your true self.


Only through spiritual practices can you see your true self. The key to purifying your heart is to remove all types of pollution. One of the highest mantras to purifying and enlighten your heart is ming xin jian xing. To chant this mantra is to reach the condition of heart enlightenment. You begin to see your true self when you reach heart enlightenment.


Today we will practice chanting ming xin jian xing. Listen to the podcast on how to practice. Repeat the practice as often as possible to remove the blockages of your heart.


Listen now: Tao Meditation – Enlighten Your Heart to See Your True Self.


Practice more.

Chant more.

I love you all.

Love you. Love you. Love you.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero