Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 6 How to Heal Fear

“The spiritual journey is the unlearning of fear and the acceptance of love.” ~Marianne Williamson



How to Heal Fear


In the spiritual journey we will go through a process of transforming our fear to love. Love is the essence of who we are. Our soul, heart, mind and body are from the creator, The Source. We come from love. Fear is something that we learn from this life and pastlives.

To transform our soul journey we need to heal our fear so we can open our heart to the greatest love.

Master Sha’s Tao teachings have helped me to open my heart to heal the fear and allow love back into my heart. The transformation of fear to love is a process that takes time but as the blockages begin to heal and transform you will begin to experience greater love for yourself, others, all humanity, and all souls.

This is beautiful to experience and watch. It is like watching a flower open. As we heal our fear, the blockages will transform and the flower within our heart will open and allow love back into our hearts.

The more you love and trust yourself, the more that you will allow heaven to support you. Fear blocks us in our spiritual journey and will limit our minds. Let love and light into your life again by regaining the trust in the Divine, The Source and all your spiritual fathers and mothers. Allow your love to shine so you can be divine love presence on Mother Earth.

One of my favorite practices to heal my fear applies The Source Ling Guang Calligraphy and Mantra Da Guang Ming. Da Guang Ming means greatest light. Da Guang Ming is the greatest light from The Source to heal and transform your health, emotions, relationships, finances and every aspect of your life. Today we will apply it to heal our fear and bless our soul journey.


Listen now: Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 6 How to Heal Fear podcast.


Let the sun shine. Let the love back into your life. Start today the process of healing and transforming your fear to allow your heart to open and to bless your soul journey.

Thank you all for taking time for your soul journey. We are all so blessed by heaven.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero

3 thoughts on “Living a Miraculous Soul Journey: Day 6 How to Heal Fear

  1. Beautiful thank you Master Francisco, I truly love your blog it is always just what I need at that time thank you my greatest love, gratitude and appreciation Danielle cbd cbd cbd

  2. Thank you Master Francisco, Da Guan Ming always brings me the greatest light. In combination with creative visualization I can open up to Heaven. Heaven has opened up to me since a long time already. When I do the practice, I become humble enough to admit it. Thank you for your tireless teachings and for your warmth and tenderness to everyone of us.

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