“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” ~Mahatma Gandhi



Service from the Heart


The most powerful practice that you can do to help you grow in your spiritual journey is Service Xiu Lian. What is Service Xiu Lian? Xiu Lian means the totality of your spiritual journey. It means your purification journey. The greatest Xiu Lian practice is service from the heart. To serve your family, friends, your pets, humanity, all of nature, animals, Mother Earth, countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes, all souls.


If you serve unconditionally from your heart, this becomes your top spiritual practice. Heaven blesses you with every act of service that brings love, peace, and harmony to another soul.

Service from the heart is unconditional universal service. It brings greater love, forgiveness, peace, healing, blessing, harmony and enlightenment to humanity, Mother Earth and all souls.


Service from the heart can include helping in your local community center to help the children or elderly. It can include helping to spread divine teachings on Mother Earth. Service from the heart can include saving animals, or donating to a charity that brings healing to humanity and Mother Earth. Service Xiu Lian is to make others happier and healthier.


Many students who serve from their heart to spread divine teachings, to offer healing, and to help bring love, peace and harmony on Mother Earth often tell me that they don’t have time to do their spiritual practices. It hurts their heart that they can’t spend time to develop themselves with spiritual practices. My response to them is that your service is your spiritual practice. If you are serving from your heart you are being blessed by heaven for every aspect of your life. It is a change of thinking that is necessary.


You can grow faster in your spiritual journey by offering service from your heart. Teaching, healing, blessing, and going out into your community to help empower humanity to create soul healing miracles is one of the top ways to grow.


Today I will guide you in a soul guided meditation to connect with the heart of the Divine, to help purify your heart so that you can offer greater unconditional service to humanity.


Listen now: How to Connect to God’s Heart podcast.


I love you all. I send my love to you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time for your soul journey.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero