How to Heal a Relationship with Love and Forgiveness

You have the power to create Soul Healing Miracles to Transform Your Relationships.

This week I had a powerful experience applying love and forgiveness, the golden keys to soul healing, with someone I love and care for. It was so a profound experience to be apply to apply the teachings of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. They have helped me to heal and transform many aspects of life. It’s my great joy this week to share with you the power of love and forgiveness to heal and transform your relationships.

From my heart to your heart I share with you today a podcast on how to heal your relationships apply love and forgiveness.

Listen now to How to Heal Your Relationships with Love and Forgiveness podcast.

I love you all. I wish you all love, peace, and harmony in your relationships.

With the greatest love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero


4 thoughts on “How to Heal a Relationship with Love and Forgiveness

  1. Dear beloved Master Francisco,
    Thank you from my heart and soul for this powerful blessings and special practice to how to heal a relationship. It is precise for me at this moment to face myself, my relationship with my beloved soul, during the meditation i could see the transformation, as the transformation was taking place there was much feeling of love and compassion flooded, that is when i could see the transformation taking place, as well with all those with whom my relationship got strained. As the blockages left, i’m left serene and peaceful and optimism. TYTYTY.LYLYLY.CBDs,CBDs,CBDs.

    1. Dear Magdalena, thank you for sharing your heart-touching experience. Love and light, Master Francisco.

  2. TY TY TY Master Francisco for this beautiful forgiveness. This is exactly what I needed today to release my sadness.



    1. Thank you Stella. I’m happy it has helped you to release your sadness. Love and light, Master Francisco.

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