“I forgive you. You forgive me. Bring love, peace and harmony.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha


Welcome to Day 18

Understanding Yourself and Others


Today we are going to look deeper at how to understand ourselves and others more fully. In order to truly have self-love we have to understand the people who we are very close to. Very often the people we judge, criticize or have some negative feelings towards are a reflection of what is going on within us.


To understand yourself and others, and to accept yourself is a golden key to self love. Today I lead a beautiful practice on how to understand someone who you have challenges with in your life. It will help you to understand this person so you can love and appreciate them in a new way.


Listen now to today’s Blog Talk Radio podcast on 21-Days of Self-Love: Understanding Yourself & Others.


Today in your journal write down your experience doing the practice for understanding yourself and others. Share your experiences with others on how the 21-Days of Self-Love has transformed your life. Thank you the beautiful soul who took today’s white flower.


I love you all.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero