“Heaven means to be one with God.” ~Confucius


Welcome to Day 17

Blessings from Heaven


Today we are going to receive blessings from Heaven to help us transform our blockages related to self-love, negative thinking, trust, believe, confidence, and to open our spiritual channels.


We have the power to invoke our spiritual fathers and mothers, the Divine, and all of Heaven to bless every aspect of life. We connect with Heaven by just saying hello.


Today I recorded the Blessings from Heaven: Soul Guided Meditation to help each of you to connect to your soul, and to offer each of you blessings from the saints, the Divine, the Tao, and all layers of Heaven. It is a powerful and beautiful meditation to help you transform your life.


Listen now to the Blessings from Heaven: Soul Guided Meditation


Today listen to the soul guided meditation and write down in your journal your experiences. Write down the message your soul gave you today. I also wish to express my gratitude to the beloved soul who send me today’s white flower picture. I have received so many beautiful photos from many of you. Thank you all.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco