“A joyful heart is the inevitable result of a heart burning with love.” ~Mother Teresa


Welcome to Day 16

Open Heart & Soul


Today we will learn how to go into the condition to open our heart and soul. If our heart and soul is closed you will experience blockages in loving yourself and loving our family, friends, humanity and all souls.

To open your heart and soul is to remove to remove the soul mind body blockages that prevent you from loving unconditionally yourself and all souls.

If you have self-love you will have confidence in everything that you are doing, accept yourself, have no doubt, and you will not judge yourself. Transforming these blockages are important in achieving self-love. I also wish to thank Marie-Louise for the beautiful picture for today.


Listen now to Soul Guided Meditation: Open Heart & Soul.


In your journal write down your experience, and anything you learned today about yourself.


I love you all.


Love and light,

Master Francisco Quintero