“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” ~Pablo Picasso


Welcome to Day 14

How to Heal Childhood Wounds


Today we are going to look at our childhood wounds. Over the last few years I have realized that many people have childhood pain that is causing suffering in their life. Childhood wounds are connected with self-love.


The suffering and pain that we experience as children can create blockages that prevent us from being happy and healthy. If we are hurt as a child by someone that we trust and love it can leave a negative memory or negative imprint on our soul, heart, mind and body. The pain that we experience can cause us to lose faith in the Divine, lose confidence in ourselves, shut down emotionally or to close our hearts.


This negative experience can create a blockage in our life limiting or preventing us from deeply connecting to love and the Divine. To heal deeply we must release these blockages if we have suffered from them.


Today I will walk you through a soul guided meditation that can help you to discover blockages you experienced as a child, and how to heal and transform them.


Listen now to the How to Heal Childhood Wounds: Soul Guided Meditation.


Today listen to the soul guided meditation to help you to discover your childhood wounds that are blocking you. Write down in your journal your experience during the mediation and any insights you have about your childhood. I love you all. Thank you Marie-Louise for the beautiful flower picture.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco