“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ~Rumi


Welcome to Day 9

How to Heal the Heart


The heart is a very special place. It is where our soul and mind reside. It is where our love radiates out to ourselves and others. The heart is a sacred temple that can heal all sickness. It is the place where you can connect to your authentic self.


People who struggle with self-love issues have deep pain and wounds in the heart. It makes it difficult to fully open to receive and give love. It makes it difficult to love yourself unconditionally.


I often see with my Third Eye that many people have blockages in the heart and around the heart. The space of the heart is blocked by sadness, hurt, pain, and mind blockages like “I’m not beautiful” or “I’m not good enough”.


The blockages that surround the heart leave very little room for your heart to be happy and healthy. Blockages around the heart are like a big black cloud that doesn’t seem to move. Our heart has a difficult time breathing and radiating love and light if we have darkness around and inside our heart.


In order to experience more love in our life and to radiate this love with others we must clear the space of the heart. If the space is clear we will have inner peace in our heart because it will be vibrating with the frequency of the Divine. It will radiate unconditional love.


You heart will have inner peace when you allow the soul of your heart to radiate love. The love will melt away your blockages and create a beautiful space around your heart that is filled with love, peace, and harmony.


How to you open your heart to experience love, peace, and harmony? You must allow the blockages in the space around your heart and inside your heart to be released. If you remove the blockages you will allow your heart then to vibrate love and light brining more joy and happiness to your life.


Your health will also improve because the heart is the boss of all the organs of the body. Heal the heart first, the healing of all the other organs of the body will follow. Today I have created a Soul Guided Meditation to help you to transform the blockages of the heart so you can experience a greater opening of your heart.


Listen now to Healing the Heart: Soul Guided Meditation.


Today do the Healing the Heart: Soul Guided Meditation and in your journal write down your experiences, and any feelings that came up during the meditation. Share your experiences with others. Your sharing can bring healing to others.


I send you all a BIG SOUL HUG from my soul. I also want to say thank you to Christie Lapitan for the beautiful heart-shaped flower. Love you. Love you. Love you.


With the greatest love,

Master Francisco