“I love my heart and soul.” ~Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Welcome to Day 6
Loving Self: Soul Guided Meditation

Today I created a Soul Guided Meditation to help you connect more deeply to yourself. This meditation will help you to transform self-love issues, and help you to develop your self-belief.

The Soul Guided Meditation will enable you to meet your soul, and to Say Hello to your soul. You will have the possibility of feeling the unconditional love of your soul. I will guide you to meet your soul and to find the root issue of why you can’t love yourself enough.

During the meditation you will be guided to observe your feelings in your body, and to pay attention to your emotions and mind. Each can give you a message that needs healing and transformation. Make a mental note of what feelings come up during the meditation and at the end record your feelings, emotions or what your mind was doing.

Are you ready to get to know who you really are, to embrace every part of yourself, to feel the love of your soul? You will be guided how it would be like to have self-love, and to embrace yourself unconditionally.

Listen now to the Loving Self: Soul Guided Meditation.

Today in listen to the Loving Self: Soul Guided Meditation and record your experience in your journal. Write down in your journal any feels that came up today. Pay attention to the part of the body that a feeling or emotion came up. This is a message of where in your body there could be a self-love blockage.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco