Dear Friends,

Experience God’s soul hands to open your heart and soul. We have the power to apply our Divine Healing Hands (for those who have received them) to connect to the Divine’s love to transform our soul mind body blockages from truly opening our heart to love unconditionally are family members, loved ones, humanity, and all souls. By doing this practice you will have the possibility of making a heart-to-heart connection with the Divine and your soul. This is a beautiful experience that is possible through the Divine Healing Hands. This practice is now available as a podcast on BlogTalkRadio. I hope you each enjoy it.

Listen now: Apply Divine Healing Hands to Open Your Heart and Soul.

For those of you who do not have the Divine Healing Hands you have the possibility of receiving them this week around the world at one of the Global Divine Healing Hands events April 11-13th.

With love,
Master Francisco