I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life. ~ Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

We have the power to create beautiful and wonderful things with our disappointment if we transform it to compassion. Master Marilyn Smith in Gratitude: A Key to Happiness has given us the golden key to heal and transform disappointment.

In our daily life we may experience disappointment. If we don’t immediately transform it we can create blockages in our life that prevent us from truly experiencing gratitude, joy, happiness and success in every aspect of life. It is vital that we learn how to transform disappointment to compassion in order to live a happy and healthy life.

If you have negative thoughts like “Why me? Why do I have to do this? My life was not supposed to be like this? It isn’t fair?” you can potentially create blockages in your life. This type of negative thinking can create karma that can block every aspect of your life including your health, relationships, finances, intelligence, and more.

Embrace your challenges, and be grateful for everyone and everything in your life. Accept the pain with a loving heart and apply the technique that Master Marilyn Smith shares on Transforming Disappointment to Compassion. This is a powerful practice that will open your heart, remove blockages that prevent you from embracing the challenges in your life, and change your focus to healing yourself.

Today listen to the audio recording of this powerful practice so that you can begin the journey of transforming your disappointment.

With the greatest love,

Master Francisco Quintero

Listen now to the powerful practice: Transform Disappointment to Compassion.