“Gratitude is the remedy of all daily ills.” ~ Master Marilyn Smith

Gratitude is a golden key to transforming negative karma. If you responding to daily life challenges you can instantly transform them into love and light by responding with gratitude.

It is often very easy to have gratitude for all the wonderful things that go well in our life. This is because of our good karma. All the good services we have done in this life and in our past lives.

It is important to always remember that when our life is flowing well, to have gratitude to our ancestors. All the good service they have done in this life and past lives has blessed our life. Every day we should show our gratefulness to them.

Sometimes in life things do not go well, and sometimes these blockages can be quite significant and life threatening. Master Marilyn Smith describes these situations as “daily ills,” and gives us the key to transforming them in Gratitude: A Key to Happiness.

She says if you focus on your daily ills it will drain you. Master Marilyn (2010) says the secret is:

The secret is to stop at the very first step and to acknowledge that the blockages and barriers are the result of karma. Recognizing these gifts will completely change your response to them. To recognize a blockage or barrier as a gift allows these issues to become your teacher, your companion, your assistant. This is a quantum leap from looking at an issue as overwhelming. The shift is huge. The way to make that shift is to say thank you.

The key is to respond to all lives “daily ills” with gratitude. It will help to soft the impact of these challenges and give you the opportunity to go into your heart and apply love and forgiveness. Gratitude will help you to transform the negative karma connected with your life challenges.

With the greatest love,
Master Francisco Quintero